Supercharge Your Sermons

by Sherman Haywood Cox II,

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Supercharge Your Sermons is an online course designed to help you write and deliver more effective sermons. It was created by Sherman Haywood Cox II – a preacher for 20 years. He has discovered the most effective ways to construct sermons through his years of experience, and he wants to share his unique method to people like you. Sherman guarantees that Supercharge Your Sermons will help you connect with the people through your sermons. This way, you will be able to touch their lives more deeply and serve your purpose. Most importantly, you will be able to bring God closer to His people.

Supercharge Your Sermons will provide you with 1 lesson for 26 weeks. These lessons come in PDF format. You will also receive a 20-30 minute mp3 audio lecture from Sherman. The lessons cover 6 main topics that you need to fully understand to make your sermons more effective. These main topics are Purposeful Planning Effective Sermons, Experiential Exegesis of the Text, Sound Sermonic Structure, Tantalyzing Sermonic Title, Inviting Introductions, Celebrative Conclusions, and Powerful Presentations. These are guaranteed easy to digest, practical, and great for long-term improvement. Plus, you will get assignments for each lesson to make sure that you will put Sherman’s teaching into action.

If you want to learn and grow as a preacher, Supercharge Your Sermons will surely be able to help you. With this course, you will be able to learn in 26 weeks what took Sherman 20 years to discover on his own.

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