The Sure Victory: Fitness BootCamp Kit

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The Sure Victory: Fitness BootCamp Kit is an effective resource for starting and managing your own fitness boot camps. This package of 4 ebooks is based on conditioning techniques of the U.S. military and the practices of the most successful fitness boot camps in the country. Inside Sure Victory guides you'll learn how to organize boot camps, attract clients, perform the actual fitness sessions, exercises that will get your clients best results, and more.

Let's see what else you'll learn in The Sure Victory: Fitness BootCamp Kit :

  • The difference between boot cams and other workout programs,
  • What makes boot camps so effective,
  • Ways to determine the fitness level of your clients and adjust their goals based on that information,
  • How to learn the role of a great boot camp instructor,
  • Selecting the right training equipment,
  • Nutritional guide and how to teach good nutritional habits to your clients,
  • Detailed boot camp exercises,
  • And more...

The exercises in The Sure Victory: Fitness BootCamp Kit come with colored pictures and detailed instructions. You also get sample workouts with repetitions, and planning and scheduling forms that will help you get your fitness boot camp running as fast as possible.

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Perfect for boot camp beginners
posted this review on April 22, 2014

This collection is great for those who are just starting out their boot camp business. I was a gym trainer before but I got bored with the gym lifestyle. Coming to work, training a bunch of undedicated people, hearing them complain. That’s not the kind of life for me. With my boot camp business, I get to work with people who actually want to change their bodies and their lives. After my 2nd boot camp, I was running out of workouts, so I tried some resources from the Internet. When I found The Sure Victory: Fitness BootCamp Kit, I realized just how much more awesome it was than other similar resources. The collection is very diverse so you will surely make better use of it if you’re just growing your workout collection. The instructions are very detailed. That’s actually one of the most important factors for me when I look for online workouts. I need the instructions as detailed as possible, so I can also convey them clearly to my trainees. My last boot camp using the workouts here has been successful. I gotta say I owe a lot to Georgette! She’s indeed the queen of boot camps. I hope I’ll get a chance to meet her in the future, and maybe collaborate on our own boot camp workout collection.

Georgette is amazing! She's got so many ideas
Mary Kellwood (from Isom, USA) posted this review on February 3, 2014

Georgette is one of the most trusted names when it comes to boot camps, so when I saw her Sure Victory kit, I decided to try it right away. I was organizing my 3rd boot camp when I found this. The second one turned out to be a disaster because most of my attendees had already attended the first one, so when they attended the 2nd one and they saw a lot of the activities repeated, they lost interest. With Georgette’s kit, I got to win them back. It’s great that they gave me a 2nd chance. I got to prove to them that I can reinvent my boot camp every now and then. I’m still gonna be using this for my 4th boot camp as well as the other Georgette boot camp kit that I got. She’s awesome! She never runs out of ideas! 

This is my favorite bootcamp package
posted this review on July 15, 2013

The Sure Victory: Fitness BootCamp Kit is my favorite bootcamp product from the internet. There are a lot, but you will get the benefits of all the others combined in one with The Sure Victory: Fitness BootCamp Kit. This is best for beginners in the bootcamp industry like I am. I’ve only organized two bootcamps, and got mediocre results when I realized that I need the help of this kit. I bought this and 3 others. This is the best for me because it’ complete. It’s not just a collection of exercises, it’s also a course that taught me a lot of what I know about the bootcamp business right now. I totally reinvented my bootcamp business because of it. It’s going so great now. My third and fourth bootcamps were thrice as successful as the first 2 because of what I learned from The Sure Victory: Fitness BootCamp Kit. I highly recommend getting this course before starting your bootcamp business. Don’t make the same mistake I made!

Love the bodyweight exercises!
posted this review on June 22, 2013

Geogette is definitely THE wonderwoman when it comes to boot camps and boot camp activities. I’ve seen a lot of stuff from her all over the internet, but this is the first time I tried one of them. I recently started my 2nd boot camp. We’re just on week 2, but I’m already noticing how much the participants are enjoying this! Attendees who were also there during my first boot camp said it got so much better. They say the activities are better, the camp is more organized, the results are more obvious, and the vibe is just plain different. The bodyweight exercises in this collection are topnotch! They’re 100% awesome. I love all of them. The only thing that doesn’t impress me here is the marketing guide that, I think, comes as a bonus. I find it too sellout. I don’t know, it might be helpful for others, but as for me, I prefer subtler marketing strategies. If you’re just after the boot camp ideas themselves, this is still highly recommended.

Has a lot of information about running boot camps
posted this review on August 29, 2012

This is perfect if you’re running a boot camp and you’d like a lot of unique exercises to choose from. I didn’t need a guide like this on my first three camps, but after those three highly successful camps, I ran out of fun exercises. I have a lot of regular participants, and I know that they’re expecting my camps to get better and better every time, so I was quite pressured to improve on the exercises. I’m glad I found this book. There are also a lot of tips here for boot camp newbies, specially that part on assessing client’s needs, and matching them up with their goals. I got a lot of useful tips from there too. Also, I find the nutritional guide very helpful as that is my weak point as a trainer. All in all, this guide is a complete package for those running a boot camp. I’m sure it will be very helpful.

Made my first boot camp a success!
Emma Cooke (from Toledo, Ohio) posted this review on July 24, 2012

Georgette Pann is quite popular among boot camp organizers in our area, so I bought this book before starting my first boot camp. It’s a great learning product, and it made me realize that setting up a boot camp isn’t as easy as I thought. I read the book over and over again making sure that I absorb each important point. I so badly wanted to set up my boot camp, but I didn’t want it to be just an average camp people go to just because they do not have anything better to do. I wanted to leave an impression on my clients, and I wanted them to feel that I really exerted effort on it, since I was once a boot camp addict before I reached my fitness goal. A few months after much learning from Georgette, and pondering on whether or not I’m prepared to run a boot camp, I went ahead with the idea. I was overwhelmed at the responses I got from clients! Some of them said it’s the best boot camp they’ve ever attended. It sure wasn’t easy, but it was worth it in the end. I  couldn’t have succeeded if not for this guide!


Complete boot camp program

I've literally purchased just about every bootcamp program out there and while they all add something of value this is definately the most complete in terms of how to put a camp together, exercise selection, how to market your camp, forms to use etc.

John Gonzalez

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