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Get hot, attractive, straight legs without having to undergo risky clinical surgery. If you’re tired of hiding your bowlegs, the Surgery-Free Remedy To Bowlegs is what you need. This program introduces a set of tested and proven exercises that help improve the appearance of your bandy legs. The instructions in this helpful method are simple and quick-to-follow; regardless you don’t have prior workout/training experiences.

It’s been tried by Elena Johnson’s clients too so there’s no reason that this system can’t do wonders for you. After all, these are exercises which are generally beneficial for your body. The author used to suffer with her legs’ structure. Not getting the answers she needed from doctors, she conducted her own scientific researches.

That’s how she discovered the facts that founded the exercises needed to straighten her legs. As a fitness trainer she has further developed the techniques for speedier results.  Elena’s bowleg-remedy plan is comprised of 4 steps: correcting the knock knees, correcting your bowlegs, correcting the false curvature, and then eliminating the unwanted fats for toner legs.

When you download this course, you will find out just how easy it is to straighten your legs. You also don’t have to exert so much time and energy on it. You can complete this daily leg regimen in just 15-20 minutes. With this course you can re-shape both your legs and your social life.

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Not completely straight yet after 4 months
posted this review on February 10, 2014

I thought there was no solution for my bowlegs aside from surgery. It gave me a lot of problems before. With the help of Surgery-Free Remedy To Bowlegs I got to straighten my legs a little bit. They’re now so much straighter, although not perfectly straight yet. I wonder why mine is working slower than others. Other people claim to get it totally straight in just a few months. I’ve already been on the program for 4 months, and it’s still not completely straight. Oh well, as long as there’s improvement I should be happy, right?

Glad I didn't have money for the surgery
Marris Jenkins (from Corydon, USA) posted this review on January 19, 2014

I’m glad I was broke when the doctor offered to perform surgery on my bowlegs. The doctor said that surgery was the only way out of my problem legs, but I didn’t have money at that time, so I decided to put it off. Surgery-Free Remedy To Bowlegs came along just in time. I was just looking at the Internet and I saw this guide. I thought of trying it right away because it says it takes time to show results. It’s true! In about 3 months, I’ve seen amazing changes in my legs. It started with my knees. My knees got straightened out a little bit after the first few weeks, and then some weeks more the calves followed. Right now, I have ok legs. It’s not yet the best pair of legs in the world but it’s generally fine. I can now wear shorts and skirts without having people looking at me like I committed a hideous fashion crime. I also feel a lot more confident in myself and what I can do. I’ve gotten into running and swimming and other activities I thought weren’t possible because of my bowlegs. I’ve so much more freedom now, and I’m very happy with the improvement I’ve made using natural methods. I’m really happy I didn’t have money for the surgery back then.

My legs improved greatly
posted this review on December 23, 2013

My legs have improved significantly since I got this system two months ago. I just do the exercises everyday for a few minutes. It was difficult at first but I got used to it and now I can’t go a day without finishing the routine. It’s so much easier to walk and buy clothes, and do pretty much anything and everything with my legs straighter! Hahaha!

I got to fix my bowlegs the natural way!
Larissa Camacho (from Calgary, Canada) posted this review on December 16, 2013

Bow legs run in the family. My sister had surgery for hers because it was affecting the way she walks. It was difficult for her walking long distances and she loves hiking so she had to go for surgery. But she advised me against it because her activities were still limited. Surgery is still surgery, you’re still altering your body in an invasive way, so it’s bound to have some side effects. With the help of Surgery-Free Remedy To Bowlegs, I got to fix mine the natural way. Mine wasn’t as bad as my sister’s even when it was at its worst. It took me a month to see changes but about 3 months to really get it straightened. My legs look a lot longer and slimmer now that they’re all fixed. I’m proudly promoting this product to other relatives who are suffering from bowlegs.

Realy good results
posted this review on October 12, 2013

This is really hard to believe. I got interested in getting into this program when I saw the before and after photos on the website. I’ve been dying to get my bowlegs fix for the longest time, and I was ready to try anything. I was supposed to have surgery earlier last year, but I used up some of the money I saved for a trip to Thailand, and my surgery had to be postponed. I’m glad that happened because with Surgery-Free Remedy To Bowlegs, I got to fix my legs using natural methods. My les have become straighter now in just a short time, but my case isn’t really that bad. Not as bad as the women in the pictures on this website. Mine’s just slightly bent. Patience is key here. You really need to do everything the program tells you to do, or all your efforts would go to waste. I believe the results I got here are permanent. I can’t imagine going back to being bowlegged again! It all seems like a distant nightmare now that I can already wear shorts and miniskirts. I used my surgery money to buy a new wardrobe that will show off my straight and smooth long legs.

It takes a long time but it works
posted this review on September 19, 2013

If you got bowlegs, I highly recommend this. I used to have a really nasty case of bowlegs, but this remedy worked for me in less than a year. My legs are perfectly straight now, just the way I want them to be. You can have the same success especially if your case of bowlegs isn’t that bad yet.

One word: amazing!
posted this review on September 13, 2013

Surgery-Free Remedy To Bowlegs is amazing! I was considering surgery before my wedding, but the insane amount and the long recovery period, the pain, and the hassle of going through it put me off. I was still thinking about the surgery when I found this guide. It took me 3 weeks to see some effects from this, but when I saw the change that was happening to my legs, I got more motivated, and started working them out more. It wasn’t easy at first, but I got more and more used to it. I can attest to the effectiveness of this program. If it worked for me, I can’t see any reason why it won’t work for everybody else.

It works but you really have to exert effort
posted this review on June 16, 2013

I’m so happy that I don’t suffer from bowlegs anymore. It’s a nasty condition and I was bullied because of it when I was younger. I’m quite tall, so it was obvious when I had bowlegs. Even when I was in college, I used to hear people say “oh the one with weird legs.” It was depressing for me. Now my legs are in great shape. It took me a good 6 months to get it back to its perfect shape. I really put a lot of effort into it and you have to do the same if you want to see results.

Took a while but it's worth it
posted this review on May 6, 2013

I had bowlegs because it runs in the family. Mom has it, and some of my aunts. I was the unfortunate one in our generation to get it. I got this book late last year. After 3 months in the program, it straightened up, but there was still a bit of curve, so I continued using the program for another two months. Now there’s barely a trace of my dark past. My legs have the perfect shape. Mom said that if she found this when she was younger she’d try it too. She’s too lazy for it now.

You just need to be really patient
posted this review on March 15, 2013

I had to work really hard on this! I think it took me more than a month to see results. I was wanting to refund my money and just throw my copy in the trashcan, but my boyfriend encouraged me to go at it for a few weeks more and patiently wait for results. I realized that it worked when I took pictures of my legs like they do on the online book, and then compared them with old pictures. I noticed a big change, and I got encouraged to work harder. My legs are almost straight now.

Effective but time consuming
Jackie Rice (from Orange, USA) posted this review on February 21, 2013

I suffered from Knock Knees for so long, but I didn’t consult a doctor or surgeon or whoever the hell should take care of these things. I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford their services anyway since this is an aesthetic procedure. Anyway, I got this book sometime in December, and now I’m already seeing results. It took quite a while. I expected to see results in a month. I think it’s because my case is really bad. The whole program is based on exercises that are simple, but take much time. If you’re too busy, this may not be for you. I’m busy with work, but  I was so desperate to get my legs fixed so I managed. I think it’s worth it for the effects though. It didn’t just fix my knock knees, I also saw changes in my posture, and I feel my legs stronger now. I used to hate walking, but now I jog with my boyfriend on weekends. I think everything here is great except for the fact that you’re really gonna have to set aside some time for the exercises. It’s not super great when you think about getting 30 minutes less time for the internet.

Shocking results in a month
Dale Thornton (from Quogue, USA) posted this review on February 17, 2013

Surgery-Free Remedy To Bowlegs straightened my legs so quickly! The methods are all natural, so I wasn’t expecting them to work so fast. I consulted a specialist before using this and he said it’s ok but I shouldn’t expect fast results. I was shocked when I saw the results after a month!

I'm so happy that this fixed my bowlegs!
Kenna McMullens (from Fincastle, USA) posted this review on January 2, 2013

Bowlegs have changed my life. It’s a horrible embarrassing condition if you get a case as bad as mine. I guess I was just unlucky to be born with it because my mom said there wasn’t any accident that could have caused it. They noticed the problem when I turned 5 and shed off my baby fat. They thought something was wrong with my legs, but they didn’t do anything about it because they believed it can correct itself. As I grew older, my bowlegs got worse. When I turned 20, it was already so ugly that I only wear long skirts to cover them. I used to envy girls who can wear short skirts, and pretty dresses without looking funny.

A few months ago, I found Surgery-Free Remedy To Bowlegs. A doctor has suggested surgery then to correct it, but I didn’t want to go under the knife, so I explored all of my options first. I gave this a try, and after one month, it showed results. It’s been 5 months I think since I started and now my legs are almost perfect. They’ve straightened although not perfectly as of now. But they’re definitely much straighter than before. I intend to keep using the program until I get the results that I want.

Easy, yet effective exercises
Jillian Samuels (from Idaville, USA) posted this review on December 26, 2012

My bowlegs aren’t that bad, and the techniques here corrected it in 2 months. It isn’t perfect yet. I’m still working on it, but it’s not obvious anymore, unless I wear the wrong length of skirt. I used to wear only long skirts and maxi dresses because I felt conscious of my legs, but now I can wear pants, shorts, and shorter skirts. I just have to make sure to get the right fit and the right length, so my really teeny tiny abnormality left won’t get noticed. The exercises are amazing! They’re so easy, but you really feel them working on your body. Once I finish the last phase, which is toning, I’m sure my legs will look so hot. They’re quite long, so if not for the curvature and unwanted fat, they’re gonna be perfect for sure! Go ahead and try this for your bowlegs. I can’t guarantee that it’s gonna work the way it did for me, but it’s still worth a try right?

The remedy worked for me!
V. Fraser (from Ilwaco, USA) posted this review on December 16, 2012

Before you consider surgery for your bowlegs, I suggest trying this first. My bowlegs were so bad that my doctor said that the only way to fix it is surgery. I didn’t have much money then, so I saved up for it. While saving, I tried other methods to correct it. I tried some exercises before, but after a few months, I saw no improvements, so I stopped. I also went to a therapist, and I was told that after a few sessions with him, I will see improvements. I’ve already had 6 or 7 sessions with him, but there was no improvement, so I quit that too. Out of desperation, I downloaded this book. I just saw it on a google search. I didn’t really expect much from it. The explanations in the book were logical, so I gave the techniques a try. In 1 month, I already saw results. It’s been 3 months since then, and my bowlegs are almost entirely fixed. They’re just slightly bowed now, but it’s not noticeable anymore. If I hadn’t found this book, I would have spent so much money for surgery. I highly recommend this book. It might save you a lot of money.

Glad I didn't get surgery
posted this review on November 5, 2012

I wouldn’t leave this comment if not for the awesome results I got from this bowleg remedy program. I was supposed to get surgery to correct my bowlegs because it’s too difficult to buy pants, and I’m also having some difficulties walking. Good thing I found and tried this before I had surgery! I’ve saved myself a lot of money and a lot of pain!

Bowlegs cured in just a few months
Sally Higgins (from Los Angeles, USA) posted this review on October 19, 2012

I’ve always wanted to have lovely legs, but I’ve bowlegs, so I thought that’s gonna be so impossible. I was told about a surgical procedure that can possibly correct bowlegs, but the price is too steep for someone like me who’s just a regular worker. Before my wedding, I asked my fiancé if it’s fine for me to undergo the surgery, but he said I should try natural methods first. My wedding was only 3 months away then, but I found this book, and it showed results just in time for my wedding! I won’t say that my legs are 100% perfect now, but they look a lot better than they were before. They’re not bowed anymore and they sure are pretty! I was so proud to flaunt my lovely legs in our wedding reception! Now I’m still using the methods in this book to make sure that the result gets permanent.

posted this review on May 23, 2012

I just purchased it and will update the results here;). Good luck me;)


I have unbelievable results!

I was very bowlegged and it severely impacted my life. The worst of it all was that I couldn’t put on outfits which make a woman feminine and sexually appealing in good measure. The distance between my knees when I would stand up straight was 1.5 to 2 inches, which is why my legs were visibly curvy even in baggy pants.

As of today I’ve been doing the exercises for six months, and I have unbelievable results! I love working out by this program, and I’m not doing it alone. I have a 16 year old daughter who was born with the same type of legs as me, so I’m she’ll get rid of this problem at a young age and won’t have to experience the terrible feelings I did. By the way, her results were even better than mine!

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