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by Tim B. Miller
(6 votes)
Proper shading technique is important for any tattoo artist. Black & Grey Wash Tattoos can be just as attractive, or even more awesome than colored ones in the hands of a skilled artist. If you have been meaning to learn this technique for quite...
by Insane Tattoo Products
(3 votes)
Worlds Largest Tattoo Collection is an incredible resource for tattoo artists everywhere. It consists of more than 30,000 tattoo designs that will satisfy the artistic and creative desires of every single customer. This massive tattoo and stencil...
(7 votes)
Biggest Tattoo Gallery is a membership website/service for tattoo artists and enthusiasts. If you want to get inked and are looking for a high quality tattoo design, this website can be the perfect resource for you. As a member of Biggest Tattoo...
by Allen Pollick
(9 votes)
Discover how you can easily, safely, quickly, and cheaply remove that unwanted tattoo of yours in Tattoo Removal by tattoo removal specialist Allen Pollick. This 130-page fact-filled e-book reveals everything you wanted to know about tattoo removal...
by Chinese Symbol World
(6 votes)
Chinese symbols have become a fad in tattooing. Some people do not even know what their symbol means, but go for them anyway, since they look good. However, as a real tattoo fanatic, it is important to choose designs that are both pleasing to the...
by Julie Villani
(7 votes)
Getting a tattoo is a big decision. You'll have it for life, so before you go under the needles, you should consider what design you want very carefully. Your design should reflect your personality, avoid being too trendy and it should be something...
by Scotti & Lux
(5 votes)
Tattoo Designs US is a collection of more than 3,000 tattoo designs organized into more than 40 categories. You'll find it all in this collection - alien designs, eagle designs, symbols, letters and anything else you can name. These designs are all...
(4 votes)
  Are you planning on a getting a tattoo, but can’t decide which design would suit your personality best? Are you tired of going to websites that has very limited tattoo designs to choose from? If you want high quality tattoo designs that...