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Teen Life Ministries is a web site dedicated to promoting and boosting youth ministry and bringing about a positive spiritual change in the hearts and minds of teenagers.

Teen Life Ministries offers different resources to help advance the missions of youth ministries. Their product line includes The Magnificent 7, The Passion of James, The Parables of Christ, Parents and Adolescents: Building Our Relationships Together and mores. These products include bible lessons, parables, discussion questions and statements, devotionals and loads of tips and techniques.

As a member of Teen Life Ministries, you can also become a member of The Zone, where you can get access to a wealth of youth ministry resources.

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This will make teens think that ministry work is cool
posted this review on May 27, 2013

Teen Life Ministries is something I’d recommend for all teenagers. Instead of letting them watch TV the whole day, or throw parties, and do other things that do not contribute to spiritual growth, parents should get them involved in ministry work. They’re usually happy to join if parents give them the right introduction. I’m recommending Al Green’s Teen Life Ministries because it will help them think of ministry as something cool, and worth spending time for.

The website inspired my daughter a lot
Cynthia Faragam (from Phoenix, USA) posted this review on January 24, 2013

I’m glad I got Teen Life Ministries for my 14-year old daughter. I noticed how much more active she has become in ministry and volunteer work. The website really inspired her to do good for others, and help spread the word of the Lord. She and her friends gather children every Sunday for some bible lessons, and they do volunteer work together whenever they can. I thought there was no hope for her as she showed no interest in these things before, but I can see now how much she has changed.

I like Mr. Millergren's teachings
posted this review on November 12, 2012

Jessica right there is my friend. We are both members of Teen Life Ministries. Our pastor recommended Mr. Millergren to us because they know each other, and he’s confident that we’re going to learn a lot of valuable lessons from Mr. Millergren. My friends and I spend some time reading the materials in Teen Life Ministries from time to time. I’m a part of the Sunday teaching group, where we teach children and take of them while their parents do ministry work. I pick up some of my teaching resources from this website because they are really nice. The children enjoy listening to me when I tell them some of Mr. Millergren’s stories. I’m a very satisfied member of Teen Life Ministries, and I’m hoping that someday I can meet Mr. Millergren in person and congratulate him for a job well done.

Fun way to learn about the words of the Lord
posted this review on November 11, 2012

Mom got me to join in here, and I like it. It’s got a lot of entertaining reads that are suitable for my age. I’m a member of the youth ministry in our town and so naturally, I’ve shared some of the insights from this book with friends there. We all enjoy them. Our pastor knows Mr. Millergren, and he recommends him. He said to support his writings because we will learn a lot from them. I think he’s right because right now I sometimes find myself pondering on the words of wisdom I read from Teen Life Ministries. I recommend the website to all youngsters who want to learn how to live according to the words of the Lord. Here you will read a lot about it in a fun way! No boring sermons here. They’re all fun and witty, perfectly made for our young minds!

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