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Men who have trouble talking to women in person can make use of texting as their primary flirting medium. If you are one of these men, and would like to learn how to attract women through texting, you need Text Game Secrets by Benjamin "Mayhem" May. Just like you Benjamin May has been through all the jitters and anxiousness that comes with asking women out, since just like you, he is an average looking dude. Everything changed for Benjamin when he discovered the secrets he shares with you in Text Game Secrets. Using this system, you are guaranteed to get at least two dates in the next two weeks, regardless of your looks or reputation.

Inside the eBook, you will learn exactly when and how to text a girl to get maximum positive replies. Also, you will learn what to say when starting a conversation, and how to carry on with interesting topics, so your prospect stays interested in you. To help you get the conversation to sexual level, Text Game Secrets gives you the hints to look for when determining whether a girl is ready to go to that zone. Aside from these, you will get a list of things you should absolutely avoid when texting a girl. This ensures that you do not throw away any chance you have on any hot chick you fancy.

Text Game Secrets is the hope for men who do not have stunning good-looks, killer reputation, and fat bank accounts. Using the methods in this eBook, average joes get equal opportunities on attractive women, and equal chances of getting laid. Before you set off on your next babe hunting trip, be sure you have read and understood Mayhem’s Text Game Secrets.

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The Information In This Guide Is Dynamite
On-Site Review

Aw crap, what’d you have to do this for?

I thought that I was the only one who was ever going to be able to game this well and now you’ve gone and spilled the beans…!!

Look, I don’t mind admitting that the information in this guide is dynamite.

But that’s the problem. I’ve never been too keen on giving other people dynamite when I can keep it all to myself.

To tell the truth, the information in ‘Text Game Secrets’ is pure gold, the key that will ‘unlock’ any girl whose number you have. If you have a thumb, this will work for you, guaranteed.

Look, let’s not mess about here.

Benjamin’s created a gem of a guide to game, a guide that allows any guy to take their ability to play to the heavens and maybe beyond.

If you find that texting to get a girl to do whatever you want any time you want her to do it is a mystery, this is for you.

You won’t win the text game without a teacher, and from what I’ve seen, Benjamin’s got to be amongst the best

Van E. Shaw,
Palenville, NY

My Whole Outlook On Life and Girls Shifted 180°
On-Site Review

You think that the idea of text dating is a contradiction in terms? That it’s a figment of some crazy guy’s imagination, right?

Yeah, so did I…but then I got a copy of Ben's great guide and my whole outlook on life and (especially) on girls shifted 180°.

All the clouds that were hiding the reality of text dating have been lifted.

I know how to play the game and what girls really want, and what’s more important, I’m starting to put it into action.

I’ve seen firsthand that getting what you want from that gorgeous chick at the store or in the deli can be done by any guy (even me) because this is not a ‘theory’ guide.

It’s all about action, which is exactly what I’ve taken after just a few days.

So, how’s the results so far?

Well, let me put it this way. If you see me in the street or at the mall, you’ll know me.

I’m the smug looking guy with the grin from ear to ear…!

Jason K. Patterson,
Phoenix, AZ

Totally different!
On-Site Review

Okay, the truth first.

When I first picked up Benjamin's guide to playing the text game, I don’t mind admitting that I was awful skeptical.

After all, most guys find text dating incredibly complicated so I didn’t rate your chances of putting together an effective guide to game too highly.

But with that confession out of the way, here’s another.

I was wrong! Completely, totally, ‘A-grade’ plum wrong!

I’ve read a couple of text game guides before but this one takes game to a whole new stratospheric level.

The comparison between this guide and all the others is chalk and cheese – they could not be less alike. It’s like piloting a game rocket to the stars instead of flying a single engine plane a few meters above the ground.

So many text game guides are full of filler, fluff and (frankly) garbage.

You know that the guy getting the information down (if it is a guy at all) hasn’t got the first idea about game and most are a pretty surefire waste of money for this reason.

‘Text Game Secrets’ is totally different.

It deals in facts, not fiction. It’s obvious that all the game tricks have been learned first-hand, in the heat of the dating battle and there’s no hint of the dreaded fluff or filler.

Look, let’s not beat around the bush.

If you want to learn the text dating game from an expert, there’s no bigger expert than Benjamin. Don’t even think about going anywhere else

Robert J. Page,
Fort Wayne, IN

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