The Art Of Suggestion And Influence

by John Vincent,

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The Art Of Suggestion And Influence: Practical Applications For Magicians And Mind Readers by John Vincent is a book that teaches magicians new skills to create more magical and impressive entertainment. Whether you're a novice or someone who has been performing magic for quite some time now, this book is a great resource for you.

With The Art Of Suggestion And Influence, you will discover the real secrets of top mind readers and magicians you usually see on TV. Inside this book, you will learn how to suggest playing cards, images, or pictures; create powerful hypnotic phenomena even if you don't have hypnosis training; use suggestion and influence without contact muscle reading; and create amnesia after talking for less than 1 minute. Among the tricks and effects included in this book is the so-called psychic punch or kinesthetic illusion. When you learn this effect, you can easily place your spectator into a deep trance and then after a few suggestions and gestures, you can knock him/her over while you stand 10 feet away.

The information you will find in The Art Of Suggestion And Influence will make you a more powerful and persuasive communicator. The effects and tricks in this book take some time to learn, but if follow the fail-safe methods for practicing these effects, then you can perform them in no time. You can then perform a show without using gimmicks or props, having people write things down, and making your volunteers choose from a selection of objects. You can just put thoughts in other people's minds and entertain and amaze them with your new skills.

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On-Site Review

Lifts the lid on all the real secrets of the top TV mind readers.

Steve Crabb

A must have for any one who wants to make their show Mesmerizing
On-Site Review

The Art of Suggestion and Influence is a gold mind and must have for any one who wants to make their show truly Mesmerizing. John Vincent has really done a good job in explaining how these techniques work and how to put them into practice. If you are just beginning to explore these wonderful and truly amazing kinds of approaches, which by the way really will give you a top class performance in any situation, this book is definitely for you. In fact if you are a fully trained hypnotist, NLP practitioner or a professional showman this book will still give you a better understanding of how you can put your knowledge along with the knowledge and ideas in this book to make you the best in your field.


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