The Auction Revolution

by Terry Gibbs,

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The Auction Revolution will show you how to take your eBay business to a higher level and make more money. You'll learn an effective system that can help you improve your eBay selling skills and make more money from your auctions.

The Auction Revolution will teach you how to identify used products that you can sell for a lot of money, how to write interesting product descriptions, photograph your items correctly so they look more attractive, the right day and time to end your auctions, how to attract more buyers and earn positive feedback. Inside this e-book, you'll learn about bidder psychology, the advantages of using a reserve price, how to get buyers to bid on multiple items, how to make your auctions more attractive and many more tips. Plus, you'll get your own personalized system to attract potential customers. You'll also learn how to get your customers' contact information and use it to get new customers.

The Auction Revolution will give you a wealth of information and loads of benefits. You'll watch your business skyrocket and you'll catapult yourself into the top 5% of eBay sellers! 

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So much helpful information
Jennifer Craley (from Downs, USA) posted this review on June 3, 2014

My business started when my mom and I cleaned up the attic in our old home. We found a lot of antiques and vintage stuff that we got to sell in auctions. We earned good money from there, so I decided to take my auction business a lot more seriously. I researched a bit on selling vintage and antique stuff and I saw information about this product on one of the forums I read online. The Auction Revolution has a lot of positive reviews, so I decided to try this. The truth is that The Auction Revolution has so much more helpful information than all the other guides and websites I’ve read put together. My auction business is now based entirely on this guide. This has everything I needed to know about the business, from finding antique and vintage stuff to marketing and customer retention. I wouldn’t say my business is on full-drive now, but it’s getting better and better. I already have some returning customers, some of them antique sellers too. I’m happy about this guide, and I know now why so many people area leaving positive comments about The Auction Revolution. My goal is to be among the top 5% of eBay sellers, and I’m sure this guide can take me there.

Learned a lot from this guide!
Lulu Sonora (from Jenners, USA) posted this review on April 29, 2014

The Auction Revolution covers everything that I need to know about running eBay auctions. I even got a great supplier from the tips and tricks on this guide. My eBay business started when I gained some weight and I wanted to sell some of my old clothes. I found it enjoyable so I decided to try The Auction Revolution to learn more about how eBay businesses go. I’m glad that I didn’t jump into setting up a shop right away without reading this and some other useful resources. This one saved me from making the mistakes that make other eBay sellers go bankrupt in just a few months. I admire how everything is explained so clearly and realistically. I also wanted then to jump into stocking up, and just buying whatever I fancy, but because of the tips in The Auction Revolution, I started considering buyers’ psychology as well, and I realized that just because I think something looks good doesn’t mean others would want to buy them to. I learned how to figure out what buyers are really looking for. I got to grown my eBay store so quickly because of The Auction Revolution. If you’re planning to setup shop, I highly recommend getting this. You can also email me if you’re looking to have some business partnerships, maybe we can think of something. Here’s my address: [email protected] Thanks for reading and I hope I was able to help you make a decision!

This is really making me so much money
posted this review on March 10, 2014

Amazingly enough, I’m making so much money though The Auction Revolution. There are so many similar courses out there, but this one has got tips and tricks that you won’t find anywhere else. This focuses more on used products, so your capital won’t be too big. I was having a hard time before deciding what to sell on my eBay website. But then I found The Auction Revolution and it made me realize just how awesome it is to sell used stuff on eBay and put them up for auctions. You earn so much more that way. Also, you income becomes scalable. It’s really great understanding the complete flow of the eBay marketing process, and that’s what I learned primarily from this guide. I understood veteran auction tips and tricks and that has really helped me earn more. Another thing that I like so much about the course is that it’s written in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. I know a lot of people who don’t get successful on eBay even if they have a big capital and it’s all because they don’t understand the insider tips and tricks here. If you’re gonna start an eBay business, this is the only stuff I’d recommend. Forget about the others.

My business grew in just a month
posted this review on October 25, 2013

The Auction Revolution helped me grow my eBay business in just a month. I’ve had the same business for 5 years. It’s just a part-time business, I didn’t really bother much with it. But I have more time now because I’m done with school. The Auction Revolution taught me how to ride the eBay waves. I learned how to do ebay market research, competitor research, I learned how to hunt down suppliers. I learned a ton of different things that really helped me turn my biz into a fulltime source of income. The money coming in from this is enough to help me setup a physical store if it continuous like this for several more months. I’m really hoping to get into the top 5% of eBay sellers who really make money, and I trust that The Auction Revolution can help me achieve that. And another thing that’s remarkable about this is that Terry Gibbs replies to messages. I know that seems like a small thing but that’s really rare for an online product. You rarely get replies from authors, so this is quite a big thing for me.

Mary Tram (from Los Angeles, USA) posted this review on August 17, 2013

Hmm… I had mixed feelings about this guide when I started out because I had to overhaul my whole eBay store, and really redo the whole strategy, but now, it seems to be working its magic. I earned double what I used to earn before for this month. Yeah, I’d recommend this.

The techniques work great!
posted this review on May 9, 2013

I’m not new to eBay. In fact, I’ve been selling old books, comics, and records there for 3 years. I wasn’t serious about it because I got a fulltime job at that time. When I got pregnant, my husband suggested that I stay at home and just go with my eBay business fulltime. That’s when I got The Auction Revolution. I felt really bad that I sold some of my best books before I learned the techniques here. I would have sold them for much higher prices if I learned these techniques first. Now, I have a supplier of used books and I’m focusing on that. It’s amazing how high the prices reach even for simple books. The techniques here do work!

I learned a lot like bidders' psychology, writing descriptions,
posted this review on April 14, 2013

I’m not that good at writing descriptions and when I was starting out with eBay, I didn’t have any idea how important it is. I thought that I just have to get my items up in there, and if people want them, they’ll just bid for them. After almost a year of being on eBay, I was still having little income. I listlessly wondered why because my items are pretty good, and they’re all imported items. I get them from my sister in Japan, so there are few competitions in the country. I learned through The Auction Revolution everything I’ve been doing wrong. I realized how important good product descriptions are. I also learned how to make the products more enticing for customers, as they are imported products and buyers don’t have much idea about them yet. I also learned a lot about bidder psychology! It’s impressive learning the way eBay bidders think. You really get so many bids for each product, even those products I thought aren’t going to sell well. I’m a proud eBay powerseller now, and I’m able to expand my business to include local products as well. I already have regular bidders checking out my site from time to time, so I don’t have to market as fiercely as I used to.

My eBay biz grew because of this!
posted this review on January 24, 2013

The Auction Revolution helped me scale up my eBay business. It started out as a small business where I sell stuff I don’t use anymore, and it just grew from there. With the tips I learned from The Auction Revolution, my business rally improved and now I’ve already started working with big suppliers to scale it up even more. This has been a big part in making my business successful.

I got to expand my business so easily
posted this review on December 30, 2012

The Auction Revolution helped me expand my business in ways I’ve never imagined. I was just running a simple eBay shop before for some of our used clothing. I’ve a baby, so he outgrows most of his stuff in months. I also sell his used toys on eBay. When I found The Auction Revolution, I learned how to scale up my business without much risk. I also learned where to find used products that fetch high prices on eBay. I’m really thankful that I found this resource. I’m now earning more than my husband earns from his job! I hope they come up with a guide for Amazon. I’ll surely support that.


Great book

Everything Terry said re-enforced what it took me 6 months and quite a bit of trial and error to learn! Seriously, the book is well planned out and is easily digested, I wish that I had read this before starting to sell on eBay. If I was starting out along the eBay way then this is EXACTLY the type of info I wish I could have had. It's the inside skinny on eBay.

After reading the Auction Revolution, I can sleep knowing that I am getting every last penny out of my auctions because they are as effective as they can be.

Stuart Morrison

This information is what turns a novice into an expert

I have been selling on eBay since 1998. The Auction Revolution is the best eBay overview I have read, and I have read many. I wish I had been able to read this four or five years ago. This information is what turns a novice into an expert.

Mark Snomyn

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