The Barefoot Beekeeper

by P. J. Chandler,

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The Barefoot Beekeeper is a comprehensive guide to low-cost, natural beekeeping. You'll learn how to maintain bee colonies without the need for special equipment or chemicals. In fact, you don't need to buy anything at all. You can build everything yourself using simple tools and recycled materials. The methods in The Barefoot Beekeeper are easy and affordable for anyone to follow.

The Barefoot Beekeeper's author stresses the need small-scale, sustainable beekeeping that only minimally disturbs the bees rather than the modern commercialized beekeeping methods that have led to many disease and parasite problems.

If you've been a traditional beekeeper, The Barefoot Beekeeper will teach you a new way that will create natural conditions for the bees and improve their health. It will also be a better experience for the beekeeper. You can learn all about this interesting and unique hobby for only £7.50. 


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It's a very helpful book
On-Site Review

Inspired by this thread, I bought and read the book yesterday. It's a very helpful primer on the main issues and a VERY inspiring discussion of sustainable beekeeping. Some good history and background, as well.


This is the best book out there
On-Site Review

I have been using and promoting topbar hives for 30 years now. The shape of the topbar hive that I use is a little different but I am in full accord with the principles that he outlines. There are a lot of options out there. The Barefoot Beekeeper is the best book out there as far as I'm concerned for those interested in pursuing sustainable beekeeping.


This book chnged my view of beekeeping
On-Site Review

I had been a traditional type beekeeper since the mide 1980's and had been looking around for another way to keep bees as I felt that the ways we were keeping them was neither good for the bees nor the beekeeper. After reading The Barefoot Beekeeper I knew immediately I had found what I had been thinking about and searching for for years. It inspired me to immediately build several Top Bar hives and change my manner of keeping bees. read as much as you can about bees and beekeeping but do buy this one and follow it's suggested path.


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