Cinder Block Gardening

by Lynn A. Gillespie & Glenn Mentgen,

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Cinder Block Gardening is a 200-plus page e-book written by Lynn A. Gillespie and Glenn Mentgen, who show you how easy gardening can be. The author says that this is the easiest gardening book you might ever read. Even the busiest of professionals can find time to create a wonderful garden by following this e-book.

In Cinder Block Gardening, Lynn A. Gillespie tells you how to grow twice as much in less than half the space by following the techniques discussed in this e-book. The authors cover everything from garden construction to multi-layer bed and vertical growing.

Cinder Block Gardening also includes chapters on saving your garden from weeds and insects. Lynn A. Gillespie and Glenn Mentgen describe each type of insect that is likely to feast on your garden and how to prevent them from destroying your garden. The authors also provide homemade remedies for destroying insects that are more effective and safe.

Cinder Block Gardening is for those who has dreamt of a beautiful garden but have never been successful. This e-book, apart from teaching you gardening tips and techniques, will also help save on your grocery bills.

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Really love this simple guide
posted this review on March 16, 2014

I so love cinder block gardening because of its simplicity. I’m leaving this review because this book introduced me to cinder block gardening, and how amazing it is! I have my own garden at home now, and it’s doing great despite the small space that I have. I’m really thankful that I found this book!

Perfect guide for cinder block gardening
posted this review on February 21, 2014

This type of gardening is perfect for those in really small spaces, and those who don’t have much time for gardening. I love gardening but my place isn’t really gardening-friendly. With Cinder Block Gardening it became really easy for me to grow a garden in my puny space and with what little time I can spare for it. I have plants that are really easy to grow and some herbs too. The guide is so easy to follow, it’s practically the best way to do gardening. The weed and insect killing tips and tricks in this guide are also rocking! Cinder Block Gardening is an awesome technique and this is the perfect guide for it!

I like this better than aquaponic gardening
Wendy Cornello (from Crofton, USA) posted this review on April 28, 2013

This is what I prefer over aquaponic gardening. I’ve tried that before and it was too much work for me. I have a fulltime work and gardening is just a weekend thing for me. If your circumstances are like mine, Cinder Block Gardening will be a better option. It doesn’t need much time and space in your home. It’s very easy to manage. I get to check my garden only once in a while, but the produce is still great. I’ve been doing this for a few months already and I’m still enjoying it. I won’t be trying out another type of gardening for a long time. If you’re interested in the contents of the book, you will get a preview of it on the website. They’ve got the table of contents displayed right there, so you will pretty much have an idea of what you’re going to see in the book.

It's modern day gardening that's kind to the knees and back
Aaliyah Schaffner (from Waretown, USA) posted this review on April 5, 2013

Cinder Block Gardening is what I call modern gardening. It’s meant to help you grow a garden even if you have only a little bit of space and you don’t have much time. It’s made exactly for working people who still want to enjoy the perks of having a lovely garden. This kind of gardening is also safer for the back and knees as I doesn’t require you to work too hard on your garden. I’m already 62 years old, so the heavier type of gardening isn’t appropriate for me anymore. With Cinder Block Gardening, I can still enjoy my hobby. I save a few hundred dollars a month off my grocery bill because of this. I’m also into building compost piles and I learned a really efficient way of doing it through this book. I now never run out of fertilizer for my cinder block garden. Saves me money, and makes me feel safe that I’m not using chemical fertilizers.

It's for modern gardeners
posted this review on February 14, 2013

If you want a revolutionary way of gardening that will allow you to utilize that little space in your home, and that will make you fresh produce without having to work on it much, Cinder Block Gardening will be perfect for you. The book is easy to follow, so go ahead and try it.

The perfect gardening guide
Francesca Ville (from Fort Monroe, USA) posted this review on January 6, 2013

Cinder Block Gardening is a really easy way to grow a garden. It’s my first gardening experience and it’s awesome! My friends all come to my home to see my tiny garden, and they’re all envious of my healthy plants. I never thought I’d enjoy gardening this much. The book is a wonderful guide. I’ve no experience in this but everything came naturally for me by following the instructions.

It's got really easy gardening tips!
posted this review on December 28, 2012

This is probably the easiest way to do gardening. I’ve always been interested in gardening, but I don’t have enough space and time for it. I’m a working mom in the city, and my puny backyard wouldn’t grow plants the normal way. I envy my sister who can just pick fresh veggies from her backyard. With Cinder Block Gardening, I got to try gardening for the first time. It’s not as awesome as regular gardening, but at least it works for the little space that I have and it doesn’t require much work too. I don’t get my hands as dirty as I would if it were regular gardening. I couldn’t risk messing up my manicure all the time. The eBook is quite long, so you can expect a lot of information from it. It’s not a short do-this-do-that guidebook. It’s a complete something like a crash course for cinder block gardening. Another thing I like about this guide is that it’s got foolproof ways to get rid of pests naturally, and it’s also got natural fertilizers to boot, so it’s actually safe gardening. This sure is packed with cinder block gardening tips that you won’t find anywhere else.

Clear guide!
posted this review on December 27, 2012

Cinder block gardening is perfect for people who have little space in their home, but still want to try out gardening as a hobby. I had no idea about cinder block gardening until I found Cinder Block Gardening guidebook. I was lazily surfing the internet for some gardening related information when I found Cinder Block Gardening. Since it said in the sales page that I can use it with little space, I tried it. There’s this other method, aquaponics, but it’s not for me. I find it messy, and complicated. Cinder block gardening is the perfect gardening method for me. My garden is growing now, and I think I setup my garden pretty well. It’s much better than I thought! The plants all seem healthy. This is my first time gardening, so I can’t really say how my harvest compares to others, but they seem pretty healthy compared to the ones I see in supermarkets. I’ll update you guys once I evaluate the results more thoroughly. For now, if you’re looking for a basic book on cinder block gardening, this is it.

I can now maximize my small backyard!
Renee R. (from Pembroke Pines, USA) posted this review on November 25, 2012

I’m happy that I can now fully enjoy gardening without a large space in my backyard. I tried aquaponics before, but it’s not for me. It’ enjoyable but takes plenty of work that are not gardening-related, so I stopped. That was about 3 years ago. Now, I’ve found the gardening style that’s especially made for me! Cinder Block Gardening is perfect for modern-day gardeners because it can be done in really small spaces within just a short amount of time. You won’t need to do much, just set it up and watch your garden grow. I’m recommending this book in cinder block gardening because it’s the easiest to follow and most detailed among the ones I’ve read. I purchased several resources before I got started on my own cinder block garden, and this is what I liked most. It covers everything from maximizing your space to getting rid of pests the safe way, and a lot more. The pesticides you will be using here are all homemade, so they’re guaranteed safe for the family. I’m sure you will enjoy cinder block gardening, and I’m also pretty sure that you won’t have problems understanding this book. It’s really well-written, so it’s perfect for total newbies in gardening.

Gardening is now possible in the city
posted this review on August 19, 2012

This is the book for the modern gardener! It’s got so much information on gardening with limited space and limited time. I grew up falling in love with my mom’s garden, but when I moved in to the city, I had very little space to work on. It’s great learning the gardening techniques from this book, and having a chance to create my own garden even if I got a tiny space, and really little time left after work. My garden is looking great now, and it’s a plus that I don’t have to use anything artificial on it. I’m afraid of using anything chemical on my garden as I live in a cramped space, and I’m sure I’d get affected by chemicals quite easily. It’s great that the natural products here are really effective. Overall, this is recommended for those who live in the city, but are interested in keeping their own nifty gardens in what little space they have at home.

Perfect for modern gardeners
posted this review on July 12, 2012

This book is perfect for me. I’ve always loved gardening, but my busy schedule at work keeps me from enjoying it. When I saw that this book is for busy gardener wannabes, I bought it right away. It’s quite long for an eBook, with about 200 pages, but it’s an interesting read, so I didn’t mind. It’s tips and tricks have been helpful, and I am now able to find some time for my hobby. Since it required little space, I had no problems fitting my garden into mu puny backyard. Also, the homemade pesticides and fertilizers are great! I’m afraid of using commercial ones because I read that they can cause cancer, so this is just perfect for me.


I was just about ready to give up on gardening due to arthritis

I was just about ready to give up on gardening due to arthritis in my knees and back. The ideas discussed in this ebook have given me new excitement for my future in the garden.

Mary P.

Cinder block gardening... less weeding

I like cinder block gardening: it is less weeding, easier to pick my food, easier to water, more compact, I don't need a rototiller, and once you get the garden setup... it's done.
I am a single Mom and I can do this gardening system my myself. It is also easier for the kids to help with.

Julie B.
Paonia, CO

I was successful at gardening after reading this ebook

I happened to read a review of this ebook in the local newspaper and was glad when I got a chance to obtain a copy.
I quickly skimmed through it before setting out on my annual attempt to feed my family (and even the world) with my backyard garden.
Every year I start out with the best of intentions before eventually succumbing to weeds, insects, drought, mysterious unexplained happenings, and even worse, bushels of zucchini all at one time and no peas, no beans and no corn.
Two hours later I was amazed to find myself getting so enthusiastic about what I was reading that I went into the kitchen to sort my garbage into what would go into the compost pit I constructed the next day. My wife thought I had gone quite mad!
The ideas in this ebook represent nothing more than common sense and I'm sure I've heard many of them throughout my life in one form or another, but this ebook was so simple and easy to follow, it was like having a road may to a beautiful garden.
I can't wait till fall to tell friends of success instead of the hard luck story I usually recite at the end of the growing season.

Dave M.
Hotchkiss, CO

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