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by Jen Fitzgerald,

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Building good relationships with your clients and prospective customers is essential for any business. However, this is quite a difficult task, especially if your business is still new, and lacks manpower. Jen Fitzgerald's Client Angel can help you with that. This sales management tool stores information about your precious customers and organizes them in a database. It also helps you take care of your schedule to make sure that you never miss a meeting or an event. It’s like having a hardworking assistant working for you 24/7.

The Client Angel makes sure that you never miss any information about your clients. This is important when having regular meetings, since you might get your clients mixed up with each other. The last thing any business owner would want to happen is to make a customer feel unvalued. Storing those tidbits of information that make each client unique is very easy with The Client Angel.

With all the meetings, events, shows, dinners, and all those gatherings that are essential to your business, simple schedule managers will not work for you anymore. You need The Client Angel’s well organized trackers and reminders to minimize having conflicts in your schedule that lead to lost opportunities.

Don’t worry if you are non-techie, this system is made user-friendly, so even entrepreneurs with very basic computer skills can use it. The interface has well-organized tabs that make it even simpler to use. Plus, if you really find it difficult to learn on your own, you can always consult the easy to read Help Guide.

If you want to have a well-organized business, without having to pay an assistant, try using The Client Angel. For a very low price, you will be sure that your clients are well taken care of.

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Extremely helpful in keeping my clients happy
posted this review on July 21, 2014

The Client Angel has been extremely helpful in keeping my clients happy. I use this to have all of their files organized. I get to offer them more personalized service through The Client Angel. I don’t have to worry about forgetting important appointments anymore, and not being prepared for client meetings. My clients are even organizers, so it’s important for me to be even more organized than they are and to know what they want without them asking. The Client Angel is one helluva business partner.

This saved my business from going bonkers
posted this review on August 17, 2013

My former assistant for my catering business suddenly left me after an argument. I felt really lost because I had no idea how she managed the clients, I didn’t know their preferences. She simply left me a disorganized notebook of numbers and short, useless reminders. I restructured my business with the help of The Client Angel. Here, I can have all of the information I need in one place. It’s so simple to use, there is basically nothing I had to learn from tutorials or how-to manuals. I just ran it, and I already knew how to use it. Right now, this serves as my personal assistant. I’d probably need a human assistant during the holiday season, but at this point The Client Angel is more than enough.

Love this a lot!
posted this review on March 7, 2013

The Client Angel is a helpful tool if you’re a disorganized businesswoman like myself. I run a small hair and makeup business, and I’m a one woman business, so The Client Angel is important to me. Love this to bits!


This Is A Blessing

Time, time, time ... there never seemed to be enough time! When I finally admitted that I couldn't do it all by myself, wah-lah! An angel appeared at just the right time... and it was Jen and her Client Angel services! What a blessing!

I now have the time I need to pursue my real passion which is teaching and training my team and other women to success! I highly recommend The Client Angel!

Phyllis O'Neil,

Dramatically Improved Customer Retention

The Client Angel product has dramatically improved my customer retention. My customers are thrilled that I remember their birthday and other significant events using The Client

Angel has allowed me to focus on building and maintaining relationships with my current customers as well as grow and expand my business.

Fran Metz,
Silpada Designs Rep

No More Sticky Notes!

I started using The Client Angel several months ago and I am very pleased with the results. As a busy work at home mom of a homeschooler,I needed a way to manage both my business and personal life in one place.I tried several different methods, but none of them seemed to meet my needs. The Client Angel is easy to use and allows me to store all my information in one place. It has made it so easy to provide my clients with the personal customer service they deserve. I especially like the email reminders that are delivered right to my email more "sticky notes" all over my desk!

Cindy Arsenault,
Emily Rose @ Home 4 U Doll Clothes & Furniture
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