The Diabetes Massage Method

by Mary Wetherill,

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The Diabetes Massage Method is a medically-sound and medically approved system developed by Neuromuscular Therapist and Certified Massage Therapist Mary Wetherill for diabetic patients and those who care about them. This complete system focuses on feet massages that can help save the patient's feet from ulcers and amputation.

Whether you are a diabetes sufferer or someone taking care of a diabetic, like Mary was with her mother, you will greatly benefit from The Diabetes Massage Method system. This systematic method includes Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Therapy, Hydrotherapy, and Leverage Strategy Massage Therapy. No matter what your skill level, experience, knowledge, and physical condition are, this system will help you do the massage safely and effectively.

With The Diabetes Massage Method system, you will learn how to do the massage properly and at the same time be aware of several factors and issues, such as neuropathy and blood sugar levels. But don't you worry, because this system will teach you exactly how to monitor your (or your loved one's) blood sugar levels and work with your healthcare team. It will give you the tools and info that you will need to use your energy, isolate the correct fibers, and pinpoint the area of pressure for a more thorough massage. The system consists of an e-book and a video demonstrating the different massage therapy techniques.

With the help of The Diabetes Massage Method, you can help your body heal itself. You can increase the blood circulation and nutrition to the cells of your feet, flush poisons from your body, reduce muscle spasms and pain, prevent injury, make your feet feel relaxed, improve your skin condition, and most importantly, you can prevent amputation.

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Mary is the best...
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Mary has been a tremendous help to my overall well-being. I've visited numerous massage therapists and Mary is the best by far. Not only does she have an excellent technique, but you know she is knowledgeable and trained. She explains what muscles she is working on, what that muscle does and how it's attached to the body and/or other muscle groups. So not only am I getting relief with the massage, but understanding the problem. Neuromuscular massage is a deeper massage and has had a very positive affect in my overall health. I have sent, and recommended, other clients to Mary and they too have been very pleased.

Sarah Grieco,

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