The Dog Training System

by Kristin Wild,

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If you are a dog owner looking for a way to solve your dog's worst problems, The Dog Training System by Kristin Wild can be a great resource for you. As a proud pet parent and active member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Kristin reveals in this e-book/program the tips, tricks, and techniques for solving your dog problems in a positive, humane, and permanent way.

The Dog Training System will provide you with the info that you need to achieve your goals of having the well-behaved and happy dog that you've been dreaming of. Inside the e-book, you will discover how to stop your dog from attacking other dogs, the 4 easy tips to stop dog play-biting, how tell if your dog thinks they are the boss, the way to establish authority over your dog without saying a word, the steps to calm your dog around sounds that scare him, when to use treats to train your dog, the cheaper and more effective alternative to a dog pen, 2 foolproof techniques to make your dog relax beside you, the simple trick to stop your dog from pulling his leash, how to train your puppy to stay quiet, how to make your dog feel at ease around other people, and much more.

When you purchase The Dog Training System, you will also get access to 4 complimentary bonuses. You will receive the Curing Your Dog Of Separation Anxiety audio course, The Dog Food Report, Delicious Dog Treats, and Dog Care Essentials.

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Our bond became so much stronger
posted this review on July 13, 2014

I am a dog owner. I have 3 dogs and 2 new puppies I got from the shelter. Training has always been one of the toughest things to do for me because I don’t have any knowledge in it at all. The problem is that hiring a dog trainer is crazy expensive, especially for 3 grown dogs and 2 puppies! I’m glad that I found this because I was able to train all of them by myself, even those 2 puppies that were a bit stubborn before. I am really happy with the results we got especially since the dogs enjoyed the training too and I feel that it made our bond so much stronger.

It's all you need to train dogs
posted this review on December 7, 2013

Trained 8 dogs using this system. 2 were mine, 3 my sisters and another 3 from different neighbors. Got paid for 2 of those dogs. I didn’t get formal dog training lessons. This is the only resource I used and I seem to have learned everything I needed to learn from it alone. Go ahead and check it out!

Very informative and it simplifies everything
posted this review on October 25, 2013

My Dalmatian has 14 of the 19 problems listed here, so I really made the most out of this guide. I got Peony when she was already about a year old. She’s a rescued dog from a couple on crack. The police rescued her on a raid. She was put up for adoption a few months after. The shelter people told me that she was abused and that everyone from her litter died, except for her. She was a survivor and admired her right away for her strength. However, she was very difficult to deal with when we first got her. She was a dog with “no manners.” I almost returned her to the shelter but my daughters cried and threatened to disown me if I returned her.

So came my search for training guides on the Internet. Most training guides were very general. The Dog Training System deals with specific problems and their solutions. It simplified everything about disciplining and training a dog. I also like the Dog Food Report included here. It’s great and very informative. Now my girls and I take turns making homemade food for Peony. I think it also teaches the girls about responsibility, but that’s an entirely different story.

Simplified dog training system
Brianna S. (from San Francisco, USA) posted this review on July 16, 2013

The Dog Training System is the simplest one I’ve seen on the internet. There are a lot others that I’ve tried before, but they all seemed too complicated and after reading them, I just dropped the idea of training my dog on my own. I actually considered getting a trainer. Good think I gave this a try. I have 3 dogs to train, so it’s gonna be quite heavy on the pocket getting them all trained professionally. I got to train them in the basics on my own using the tips I learned from The Dog Training System. I do think this is an excellent training system but only for the basics.

I got to train my dog little by little
Jean Frump (from Bluffton, USA) posted this review on June 23, 2013

My dog was a real mess when I first got him. He was a spoiled brat! I got him from a woman who treated her dogs like her own babies, and yeah, she spoiled them a lot. My dog was a whiner, a loud barker, and generally mischievous. I already got in trouble with the neighbors many times because of him but I didn’t want to let him go because he’s such a sweet baby when he feels like being sweet, and I already felt a motherly attachment to him. The Dog Training System was my last hope. I didn’t have the money to send him to a dog trainer so we had to do everything on our own. His response wasn’t so good the first few days because we were still both getting used to the training system, but I just kept going. As long as there was progress, I was ok with that. Soon, he’s learned everything I was trying to teach him. Little by little. It was a learning process for both of us, but I got a lot closer to him during the training. He’s better behaved now, but still a bit mischievous. But now it’s more endearing to me than irritating. I still love it when he pees in my grumpy neighbor’s lawn!

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