The Easy Way To Write A Novel

by Rob Parnell,

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The Easy Way To Write A Novel teaches aspiring authors how to write a book in 30 days or less. If you've ever dreamed of writing the next great best-selling novel but don't think you have the time, talent or energy to do it, The Easy Way To Write A Novel will give you the skills and confidence to make your dream come true.

With this system, you'll learn how to turn your creativity on, how to have the author's mindset and how to be confident. Whether you're a beginning or professional writer, you'll learn new and interesting information that will take you on an exciting novel-writing journey. The Easy Way To Write A Novel contains tips, tricks and secrets that will help you write brilliantly. You'll learn the revolutionary F.A.S.T. editing technique, the 6 killer rules for writing fiction, how to avoid the 10 deadly sins that writers commit and the secrets to keeping your creative juices flowing. You'll learn how to create characters that readers will love, how to write compelling fiction, how to deal with procrastination and distractions and other important tools and techniques.

The Easy Way To Write A Novel will help solve the problems writers face and will guide them throughout the entire process of writing a book.

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I am impressed with Rob’s technique for writing novels.
On-Site Review

I have written three novel manuscripts since 1996, having published with a small press. Writing is my passion; perhaps more succinctly, it is part of me. As I gained experience as a writer, though, I started to suspect that something was “missing”, that there was some intangible quality that I couldn’t quite grasp. It was really starting to bug me.

And then I bought his system…Now, I feel like I’ve had a revelation. I mean that without hyperbole. Rob has hit upon that “intangible” quality that I was looking for. I really do feel like I have achieved a moment of clarity.

Alan Keith Parker

The best approach to writing!
On-Site Review

I am taking time with Rob’s Easy Writing Technique and it is without a doubt the best approach to writing that I have read so far. He is a very wise man.

Mary Werblin

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