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by Phil Gosling,

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There is big money to be made from eBook marketing if you know the right strategies to use when starting an eBook business. A lot of aspiring writers and Internet entrepreneurs have already started making money from eBooks. If you want to follow in their footsteps and get started with an eBook business, the best first step is to join The eBook University by Phil Gosling. Phil was saved by the eBook industry at some point in his life, so now he wants to help people like you get started with this effective money-making strategy.

The eBook University has several membership options, which are the Entry Level, the Bronze Membership, the Silver Membership, and the Gold Membership. You can start with the entry level membership, and choose the right membership type for you as you get acquainted with the program. The Entry Level membership has the special “Flash Income” video presentation that runs for 30 minutes, real content you can use for your eBooks, high-quality instructional manuals, and an awesome ticketing system where you can ask all of your questions anytime you want. You will learn more about the other membership options upon becoming an entry level member.

There is so much money to be made from eBook creation. If you’re looking for the fastest and easiest way to start an eBook marketing business, The eBook University is exactly what you need. Here, you will learn everything there is to know about the eBook industry, so you can make consistent income creating and selling eBooks.

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Phil's the best mentor!
On-Site Review

I have spent a lot of time and money in the additional income stream, business opportunity arena, and it has been an expensive experience. Simply put, the Guru’s cared more about lining their own pockets, and boosting their ego’s than about helping me……until I met Phil Gosling.
He is the ‘real deal’. He cares passionately about helping you succeed. To be frank if you don’t, it is your responsibility, because what he asks you to do…
More importantly it will make you money, if you are diligent and apply his teaching.

Do NOT spend more money, and lose it before you speak to Phil. He will help you set your goals on your terms, and create your own roadmap to success. He will then mentor you to make it happen. He really is the best e-book and self publishing mentor in the UK, and more importantly a 100% genuine and generous teacher.


I've already sold 97 eBooks
On-Site Review

Spent the entire weekend rewriting and re-jigging my entire website copy based on the exact steps laid out here. As of today (Tuesday 21st June, a little over TWO weeks . . .) I have sold 97 ebooks at $39.97 a piece. That’s $3877.09 worth of ebooks – !


Tremendous info
On-Site Review

The info given has been tremendous, I do not feel I need to go anywhere else for further info … I feel I have struck gold …We have not had the chance to discuss things , I am the shy retiring type, but with the help of the Mastermind group and their continued support, it makes Phil a “Grand Lad” (Ultimate praise where I come from).


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