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Learn the secrets to eliminating unwanted body fat and losing weight in The Fat Loss Bible. In this e-book, certified personal fitness trainer Anthony Colpo reveals an easy, step-by-step system that can help you achieve a lean and sexy body. This e-book destroys the myths about fat and weight loss and explains in detail how get rid of stubborn body fat.

With The Fat Loss Bible, you'll learn why popular diet plans are not always effective for everyone, why low-carb diets don't really speed up your metabolism, how to develop an effective weight loss diet, how to calculate your daily calorie intake and everything else you need to know about diet plans. This e-book will also teach you what type of exercise maximizes fat loss and builds muscle. It is a scientifically proven system that will help you lose fat the safe, healthy and sustainable way.

You'll also get 2 free bonus e-books - The Truth About Weight Loss Supplements and They're All Mad - if you purchase The Fat Loss Bible.

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I lost 4% body fat
posted this review on April 18, 2013

I’ve lost 4% body fat because of this program. My body’s so much leaner now and the program is not that difficult. It’s easier than the program I got in the gym, and the results are just spectacular!

It does make you leaner, you don't just lose water weight
posted this review on April 17, 2013

The The Fat Loss Bible helped me realize that I’ve been dieting the wrong way for ages. I’ve been jumping among different diet programs for the past 3 years. I gained weight after college, and couldn’t get it off anymore. I lost weight before but after some time, I regained the weight and more. I also tried taking pills, some underground pills from Bangkok that worked but made me smell like I haven’t taken a bath in months. When I quit that pill, I got fatter than before taking it. I never took pills again after that. The Fat Loss Bible is something I discovered half a year ago. After all the hard work trying to lose weight, I found this. I wouldn’t say that it made weight loss so easy, but it did help. This helps you get rid of fat itself, not just water weight, unlike others. I’ve already lost almost 40lbs. since I started on The Fat Loss Bible, and I’m now only 10 or so pounds to go before reaching my target weight. I still have to see if it’s going to help me keep the weight off when I reach the end of this weight loss journey, but I’m pretty positive. I feel so lean now that I think unless I grab McDonald’s burgers everyday, I wouldn’t regain my old fat body.

It's got scientific strategies that work
posted this review on March 31, 2013

I’ve bought almost every diet pill that went out on the market, sine I developed a lot of fat in my midsection. My tummy used to be very large. My kids liked to play on it a lot. They call it the “dome.” When I found The Fat Loss Bible, I learned a lot about why my regular crash diets and medicine taking sprees weren’t working. I decided to take my fat loss like a man, and got started with the tips and tricks in the fat loss bible. I’ve already lost 3 inches since I started and I’m still aiming to lose 7 more.

You're gonna lose fat, not just water
Peggy Galvan (from Seattle, USA) posted this review on February 18, 2013

Like most other chubby and fat people, I went crazy for the latest diet trends, and I didn’t think much about my health. Whenever a new one comes along, I’d jump right at it without doing any research on how it can hurt my body. I was really crazy about losing weight. I’m not obese, just overweight. I’ve been chubby all my life and some people think that it’s just the way I’m built and no amount of diet and exercise can help me get rid of my excess weight. The Fat Loss Bible changed all of that. It’s so fast, and it’s a complete system for losing not just weight, real fat. Some diet programs make you lose water weight, so you think that they’re effective, when in reality, the effect is just temporary. The Fat Loss Bible is different because it’s really gonna help you lose fat, so you can improve your body and your health in general. I’m so happy with the results I’m getting from The Fat Loss Bible so far. This is the smallest I’ve ever been, and I’m also at my best health now.

I lost more than 20 lbs. on the first month
posted this review on February 11, 2013

The Fat Loss Bible saved me from going with the latest fad diets, and spending half of my day in the gym. It cleared my mind about the real way to lose weight, and I’ve recently tried it and lost 20lbs. in the first month alone. It’s that quick. The system isn’t that easy, of course, but once you see the initial results, I’m sure you’ll be motivated to keep going! Good luck on your weight loss journey!

I recommend this to some of my clients
posted this review on September 17, 2012

I’m a certified fitness professional, and this is among the few fitness products online that I endorse to my clients. It’s really effective in losing fat weight and not just water weight. It also helps much in building muscles, which is what a lot of cheap DIY fitness programs lack. All in all, I’m giving this program my seal of approval.


In six months, I've lost 47 pounds

This program is a godsend! I used to be the stereotypical fat loss failure. I was a sucker for every new diet scam, and I wasted thousands of dollars on useless books, pills, gadgets, and weight loss programs. But the results were always the same. I'd lose a small amount of weight, then progess would inexplicably stop, and I'd give up in sheer frustration. To add insult to injury, I'd eventually gain back all the lost weight and then some! After reading Anthony’s instructions, everything finally made perfect sense. Ha had explained basically everything I need to know to lose weight! In six months, I've lost 47 pounds. This is unheard of for me!! I look so much slimmer and firmer, and I'm getting lots of favorable comments from my co-workers. They all want to know what I'm doing. It feels great, the more success I have the more motivated I get! On any other program, I would have burnt out long ago from poor results and total frustration.

Amy Jensen,
Phoenix, Arizona

I could ever be THIS lean!

I just had my skinfolds done at the gym...almost couldn't believe it when the instructor told me the result - 4.5% body fat!! I think he was kinda shocked too! When I pulled my shirt off, he was like, "What the ...?!" My skin looks like it's shrink wrapped over my muscles and I've got the craziest vascularity going on, it feels awesome....never in my life did I think I could ever be THIS lean!

Trent Nelson,
Atlanta, Georgia

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