The Get In Shape Girl's Comfort Foods and Tailgate Treats

by The Get In Shape Girl,

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Tailgate and BBQ parties are social events that perfectly combine sports, fun, food, and booze. If you love going to such a party, you would know that it could be overflowing with burgers, pizzas, cookies, and other tasty food and drinks. But how can you enjoy tailgate parties if you want to start eating healthy to get in tip top shape?

The Get In Shape Girl has the solution for you in The Get In Shape Girl's Comfort Foods and Tailgate Treats. This e-cookbook will show you what to eat and how to eat to lose body fat, build abs, be healthy, and achieve the body of your dreams. Inside, you will find a list of The Get In Shape Girl's indulgent and delicious comfort foods. You will discover 40 flavorful recipes that even your friends at parties and tailgates will enjoy. One of the healthy and yummy recipes in this e-book is the almond butter chocolate chip cookies, which makes great party treats. There are also other meals and guilt-free snacks that won't get you off track and even help you reach your health and fitness goals while having fun.

The Get In Shape Girl's Comfort Foods and Tailgate Treats recipes are simple and easy to prepare and cook and don't require obscure ingredients that you will never use again. The e-book also includes hassle-free, set-it-and-forget-it slow cooker meals; as well as easy to track recipes complete with serving sizes.

You will also receive a 7-Day Meal Plan and 5 Post Dinner Treats as bonuses when you purchase The Get In Shape Girl's Comfort Foods and Tailgate Treats e-book.

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Not your average diet program
posted this review on June 24, 2014

I’ve always wanted to lose weight, but not in a way that would get me depressed and make me hate life. I look ok. I’m just plump, but I look ok, and I’m quite confident in my own skin. I decided to go on a healthier diet a few months ago because I was having back pains and the doctor said that I might be getting too heavy. My reason was more of health and not my looks. As a I said, I’m quite comfortable being on the plump side. The Get In Shape Girl's Comfort Foods and Tailgate Treats taught me how to enjoy delicious food while losing weight. This is exactly the diet program I’ve been looking for for a really long time. When I found this, I knew right away that I was on to something special. With the help of this guide, I am now losing weight steadily. I run three times a week, four when I have time, but I don’t really do those extreme workouts that leave me feeling depleted. They’re really not my thing. I tried insanity before, but when I felt how painful my body was the next day, I thought I’d rather be plump my entire life. Anyway, if you’re looking for the fastest and easiest way to lose weight without torturing yourself, this is what I’d recommend you. This has been featured in several health and fitness magazines because of its uniqueness. This is more than just your average diet program, and I’m sure a lot of women who badly want to lose weight will enjoy using this.

I love this because the tips are practical and unique
posted this review on July 12, 2013

I’ve sacrificed a lot for my weight loss goals. I’ve stopped smoking and drinking to lose weight. I’ve also changed my entire diet and my daily activities for it. But I’m not about to give up parties! I still attend parties, all kinds, not just tailgate and barbeque parties. I’ve learned a lot of techniques from this book about sticking to healthy eating even in parties. It’s not that difficult especially if your friends are supportive of your goals. The tips here are also very simple. You will learn how to control yourself better, and how to stick to your plan without being a killjoy. This is one of my favorite diet books because it’s very practical and unique.

The techniques are useful for other special occasions too
posted this review on June 29, 2013

I first got The Get In Shape Girl's Comfort Foods and Tailgate Treats when I was trying to lose weight, and my boyfriend invited me to a Tailgate party with his college buddies. It was the first time I’m going to meet them, so I didn’t want to look boring. The tips here helped me enjoy the part without sacrificing my diet. Nobody noticed that I was on a special diet. The techniques can be used for other special occasions and generally, when you’re craving unhealthy foods in general.


Now I can have delicious foods...

We all know that sports aren’t just the same without Burgers, Potato Salad, and Pie! Now I can have these delicious foods without compromising my hard work! Go Get In Shape Girl and Go Heels!

Ellen B.


Ever since I started following The Get In Shape Girl’s recipes, I have noticed that my weight and body image does not change after a weekend of Football Games!

Kristen G.,
Jupiter, FL

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