The Happy Child Guide

by Dr. Blaise Ryan and Ashley Ryan,

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Are you a parent who has a child with behavior problems? Do you really know how to discipline him/her? Do punishment and reward tactics really work?

Dr. Blaise Ryan - child behavior researcher and natural medicine doctor, and his wife Ashley - a parenting coach and performance artist, have the solution to your parenting woes. In their The Happy Child Guide, you will learn simple ways, tips, and tactics for transforming misbehavior into great behavior. With this e-book/program, you will learn and develop the parenting skills that the authors learned from experts, parents, caregivers, doctors, teachers, and scientists that they have worked with.

The Happy Child Guide will teach you the big parenting mistakes and the ways to avoid them, the little-known discipline tactics that don't involve punishment or reward, the 'real reason' why children don't listen, the 3 simple steps to transform your child's behavior, and much more. If you apply the techniques introduced in this program, you can say goodbye to defiance, hyperactivity, disrespect, tantrums, violence, sibling rivalry, aggressiveness, and other annoying behaviors. You will have a happy and behaved child, and you will be one smart and proud parent.

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Reading This Book Has Saved My Family And My Marriage
On-Site Review

Using these tools has saved my family and my marriage! My wife and I were having so much trouble with our youngest son that our marriage was on the rocks. His aggression and incessant whining was out of control. After a few months of implementing the principles Matthew has stopped both his hitting and whining completely. We all get a better night's sleep, and I'm happy to say my wife and I are still together.

Pete Stilby,
Vancouver, B.C.

My whole parenting style changed...
On-Site Review

Motherhood used to be a HUGE struggle for me. I was always trying to "soothe" and please my children. That just wasn't working. After following Ashley's program , my whole parenting style changed. I'm so much more relaxed now, and my kids are much better behaved.

Ellis Windsor,
Seattle, WA

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