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The Killer Stand-up Comedy System is a must-have if you're an aspiring comedian who wants to improve your act and get lots of laughs and applause. You'll learn from author Steve Roye, who's a professional comedian, inventor and comedy educator. He reveals the secrets, tools and formulas he uses to wow audiences wherever he performs. With this proven and effective system, you'll learn how to write and deliver material that will leave your audience rolling in the aisles.

The Killer Stand-up Comedy System consists of interactive writing and performing guides that will teach you everything you need to know to be a hilarious comedian. You'll learn the 3 essential strategies that professional and successful comedians use. You'll also learn how to get these strategies to work for you. Plus, you'll learn how to produce lots of great material in record time, how to use the "secret weapon" to boost your confidence on stage, how to achieve and maintain 4 to 6 laughs per minute when you deliver your act and much more.

In addition, you'll learn how to evaluate your own material so you'll know what works and what doesn't work. It's the only tool you'll need to develop a killer comedy routine. 

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The strategies are a winner!
posted this review on September 5, 2013

I’ve tried to be a standup comedian so many times before but they kept on telling me that I didn’t have what it takes to be one. I had to try many many times. I’ve been rejected probably 20 or more times because I wasn’t funny enough. I think now they’re regretting their decision. I’m finally a standup comedian for one of the biggest comedy bars in my side of the world. The Killer Stand-up Comedy System taught me not just how to be funnier when speaking in front of people, but also how to get accepted into comedy bars and how to make a reputation. It’s not just about being funny, it’s about the strategy you use to get into the industry. I know a lot of people who are better than me but they can’t get in because they don’t know the right techniques. I’m glad that I found The Killer Stand-up Comedy System. I am now living my dream!

The techniques here are awesome!
posted this review on May 13, 2013

The Killer Stand-up Comedy System is great! I’ve been training using the tips here. I got a good bunch of friends, really supportive. I practice my techniques on them. It’s not just about saying funny things, it’s how you say them. Your delivery, facial expressions, the tone of voice, your eyes, they all matter. I also like the techniques here in getting a break. You don’t need to have connections or money to get a chance. I’ll be hunting for a good comedy bar by the end of this year, and I’m confident that I have a chance.

This has been my ticket to becoming a real stand-up comedian
posted this review on May 5, 2013

It’s always been my dream to be a standup comedian. I had high hopes when I was younger because I was always the class clown, even teachers thought I was funny. But when I realized how tough the competition is (that’s after the first time I was turned down by a comedy bar), I lost heart. I worked a job I hated instead. When I found this guide, my love for stand-up comedy reignited. I’ve read many other books in the past but most of them failed to tickle that bone in me that wanted so bad to become a professional comedian. I think this has been my ticket to becoming that. I’m now working as a standup comedian for a medium-sized comedy bar. I had to relocate, but it’s fine as long as I’m living my dream. I’ve also failed twice after training with this program, but my confidence was just so high at that time, that I just kept auditioning until I got this role. I’m leaving this note on this website to convince everyone who has the same dream as mine to check this guide out. This will not just teach you advanced techniques in making people laugh. It will also teach you how to break into the industry. How to go around major roadblocks, if not smash them with your fists and doing a Tarzan in front of your competition. This is something you should definitely give a try.

this really helped me a lot when I was training
Chuck Ellin (from Inez, USA) posted this review on March 13, 2013

One of my friends who are doing stand-up comedy for local bars suggested that I try The Killer Stand-up Comedy System. He started with this book 3 years ago. I think this won’t stay available in the market for that long if it’s not a good product. I like the training modules in the course and they really contributed to my learning. My delivery got a lot better, and I’m now able to think more quickly. My confidence has also gone sky-high because of the training I got from here.

A few months ago, I mustered the courage to apply for a local comedy bar, Clowns and Booze, and I get gigs there thrice a week. I really have The Killer Stand-up Comedy System to thank.

Impressive training program
posted this review on January 14, 2013

The Killer Stand-up Comedy System helped me learn the theory part of becoming a stand-up comedian. If athletes have their drills and training programs, this is it for the comedian. I perform 2 nights a week for a comedy bar near my place. I’ve just been there for 5 months. My first two months there, I wasn’t getting the kind of roaring laughter I wanted to get from my audience. I was getting an OK feedback, but I didn’t want to settle for that. I’ve dreams of making it big in comedy. The Killer Stand-up Comedy System helped me become more creative with my jokes, and it also helped me learn how to liven up a crowd. My problem before was that if the crowd was unresponsive, I become disheartened, and I start screwing up. Not I’ve learned how to make them connect to my jokes. Stand-up comedy is really an art that you can master by learning the theories and putting them into practice. I’m glad I found this.

Steve Roy's definitely an awesome guy
posted this review on December 14, 2012

The Killer Stand-up Comedy System features a lot of useful techniques in making people laugh. I’m not a funny guy, but after practicing Steve Roy’s way, I’ve improved greatly. I needed a little bit of sense of humor for the seminars we conduct. We handle electronics seminars, so it can get boring sometimes. It helps being able to make the attendees laugh from time to time. Makes them remember you better. The Killer Stand-up Comedy System has helped me a lot in that. You don’t need to be an aspiring stand-up comedian to benefit from this. If you want to be funnier, then this will help.

The techniques and strategies are helpful
posted this review on November 26, 2012

There is science behind stand-up comedy, and that’s what Steve Roy teaches in his book. I’ve been a party MC for 3 years now, but my specialty was formal occasions. I got the confidence, the voice, and the personality for this job, but I felt like I was lacking in the humor department. I felt like I was boring. I tried attending a seminar on stand-up comedy, so I’ll learn to deliver jokes and come up with them impromptu, but it just ran for 3 hours, and it was very basic. I didn’t learn much from it. I also got started in reading about jokes and joking online, but most are just premade jokes, and delivery isn’t even covered. Steve’s book has been the most helpful resource for me. It still took a lot of practice in front of the mirror and in front of my friends and family, but learning the key skills from here has helped a lot in my improvement. There are so many strategies, and confidence boosting techniques in this book. I still suggest getting feedback from people around you from time to time. Try the techniques on them and check their response to see if you’re doing it correctly. I’ve improved a lot this way!

I love the tips and tricks in the book
posted this review on November 3, 2012

I’ve been a theater actor playing for comedy acts for 3 years. I just recently, I realized that I can live my passion and earn good money by trying out stand-up comedy. It’s different from what I’m used to because you have to adjust to the audience and the situation, and you can’t follow a script, or your audience will be bored. After a failed audition, I found this book, and learned everything in it, and then practiced. Now, I’m a regular performer for 3 comedy bars, and I got a lot of followers too.

Helped me learn pretty quick
posted this review on August 30, 2012

This course teaches you how to be a standup comedian through practice. There are guides on what you should do to learn, since being an effective standup comedian requires more practice than theory. It’s something you develop through experience. At first, I practice in front of my girlfriend, her friends, my friends, and when they thought that I was ready, I tried out for a local comedy bar, and got hired! I owe a lot to this book for finally having my dream job. More of a side job as of now, but I’m getting there. I’m not gonna get paid for writing this, but I thought I’d just drop by and say my thanks. It’ll probably attract some good karma and get me more comedy gigs in the future!

I didn't know I could be this funny in an instant
Randolf G. (from Provo, USA) posted this review on July 25, 2012

I needed to perform a stand-up comedy act on stage for one of my classes. I bought this book for a crash course, and I learned a lot from it. I didn’t know it was something that could be learned as easily as that. My classmates enjoyed my performance so much that I was asked to perform for the school’s next big event.


I would like to thank Steve for creating this system.

I'm an actor of six years and as I was starting out I also began to perform stand-up on the open mike circuit here in London. I basically took the same five to ten minutes around for two years…After I stumbled across Steve’s website and subsequently purchased the Killer Stand-up Writing and Performing Guides, I realised just how great the content really is!

His advice makes a lot of sense. I've only recently started using them and already I'm beginning to realise my problem will genuinely be getting enough stage time. I am really looking forward to putting all the techniques and advice to good use. I may even be headlining two years from now with the right amount of application and hard work.

Jason Peck

I invested in Steve’s system and Oh My God...

Within a day I had written 6 pages of material. I learned the value of his system and working with bulk material. I have been trying some of my material on unsuspecting co-workers, WOW what a hit. I have always been able to make everyone laugh, but now I am making them laugh harder. I am far more confident now with my comedy material then I was even just two weeks ago.

Raymond Hoffman,

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