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If you are planning to lease a car,  if you are in the middle of your lease or your lease is about to end, The Lease Kit is the perfect resource for you. It will show you how to find the best deal on a lease and also give you a number of tools you can use to help with your calculations. It's an all-in-one kit that can save you lots of time and money.

The Lease Kit will tell you which cars are worth leasing and which ones aren't, how much money you will have to pay every month, how you can end your lease early and save money, what you should do with your car at the end of your lease, how to compare lease and loan payments and much more. All the information is easy to follow and comes with real-life examples and full explanations. 

The Lease Kit is an online collection of tools that can be accessed at any time. By making a single payment of $19.95, you get lifetime membership and free updates. It gives you all the answers you need, all in one place! 

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This has helped our relationship a lot
Brian Turner (from Brewer, USA) posted this review on August 26, 2014

I think it happens in all relationships, especially in childless ones. My wife and I have been trying to conceive for almost 5 years, but we’re still not gifted with a child. That’s why often, we just enjoy each other sexually to give our relationship some spice. After 5 years of being together, the bedroom started to be a less and less exciting place for both of us. Sure we have a lot other activities apart from having sex, but still magic in the bedroom is important to keep the relationships running smoothly. Out of boredom, I did some research on the Internet, and this concept excited me. I had no idea why it did, but it just appealed to me so differently from others that I’ve seen on the Internet. And that’s when I decided to ask my wife about it, but I couldn’t. We’ve never tried anything as extreme as this before. When I got this book, I learned some techniques to make her say yes. I was still nervous when I brought up the idea, but my wife is also pretty open-minded when it comes to these things, and we both agreed to enjoy each other as much as we can before we get a child, so I got her to say yes. I would say that our sex life has never been this exciting. We’ve made a lot of friends who are into the same thing, and we are even more open to other adventurous and exciting sexual activities now.

Really helpful car lease tips
posted this review on August 26, 2014

I’m happy that I got the Lease Kit before my first lease. I was about to deal with the first person who approached me about this lease deal. I was on a business trip in Australia and needed a car to get around. I think that person who approached me had some connection with the company I am working for or some people in there. So when I got to Australia, they immediately gave me a call and offered me a car lease. I was supposed to jump into the deal, but I thought hard about it first and decided put it off until I’ve done further research. The lease was all too sudden, and the salesperson seemed too excited to get me to say yes to it, that I thought there must be something wrong going on, and I was right. With the help of the lease kit, I learned everything I should ask and check before saying yes to a car lease. I also found out everything I had to do to ensure that I get the best deal out of my budget. I ended up not taking that first offer and doing further research on car lease companies in Australia. I have now gotten a really good deal for my budget, and it’s all because of car lease kit. I’m glad I did not get the first offer and opted to do research first. If you’re planning to get a car lease anywhere in the world, the tips here will surely help.

For first timers in leasing
Paul Eckler (from Irma, USA) posted this review on January 11, 2014

I’ve been leasing cars for years now, so some of their “techniques” here aren’t new to me anymore. The Lease Kit is helpful for beginners who want to get the best deal out of their first lease. I remembered when I leased a car for the first time, it was a disaster. If only I already had this back then that wouldn’t have happened. This is still recommended but only for beginners. Those who already know some about leasing may find this a bit of a waste.

Highly-effective negotiation tips and tricks
posted this review on December 10, 2013

If you’re leasing a car for the first time, make sure you read this. You’re gonna learn a lot of techniques from here that will surely get you better deals. I’ve used some of the tricks here on my first car lease and I got a really low price for a 3-month lease. I also got my extensions for a lot cheaper than what I expected to pay. This will also help you improve your negotiation skills so if you have something in mind that you want to discuss with the car owner, it will be easier to convince him.

I got an awesome deal through this kit
posted this review on July 20, 2013

The Lease Kit is great! Very informational. I didn’t expect as much quality from an online product. The tools are also fantastic! They made the process so much easier for me. This entire kit has been my partner while  I was working on my first lease, and now I got a really great deal, thanks to this guide!

This is a must-read for first timers in car leasing
posted this review on July 18, 2013

I guarantee you will need The Lease Kit if it’s your first time leasing a car. I tried leasing one without reading any resources like this at all, and I wasn’t successful. I got a bad lease that I had to struggle my way out of. Good thing The Lease Kit has plenty of tips for wriggling out of a bad lease. After getting this kit and studying it, I learned everything I need to know before agreeing on a lease. This time, I got a lot better lease than the first one. Another thing that I like so much about this is that it’s so convenient to use. It’s web-based, so it’s easily accessible anywhere there is internet. You can also access it over and over again whenever you need to review some key points and stuff. This is definitely highly recommended.

You should definitely get this
Wella Johnson (from Boaz, USA) posted this review on April 26, 2013

I had no idea how to get a car lease, what’s the right pricing, and how to determine good deals until I got the Lease Guide and the Lease Kit. These two go well together. After contacting a lot of car lease companies and having no idea which one to use, I finally gave in to getting this deal. This kit has mainly tools that will help you compute for the right leasing costs, evaluate deals, checkout contracts. Basically things that will be difficult for you to do on your own as a new leaser. You can use these tools with the information you will learn from the Lease Guide, which they also have on the website. I insist you get this if you have no idea what you’re doing. It’s so gonna make leasing easier for you, and you will have no regrets when you finally have the car with you.

This helped get me out of a bad lease
posted this review on March 17, 2013

I was stuck in a bad lease, and I was looking for a way to get out of it when I found The Lease Kit. The Lease Kit has every leasing law covered and explained for the layman, so you will understand everything more easily. It was my first time leasing then, so I had no idea about how everything has to go. I just knew that the lease was terrible because I compared it with what my friends got. I used the techniques here for ending the lease early, and they worked. It was pretty easy because I think the guy hesitated on putting up a fuss because I talked a lot about laws and what the contract was lacking. He immediately allowed me to opt out of the deal. He offered me a much better car for the same amount to make up for the trouble, but I turned it down because I don’t like working with scammers. On my next lease, I was already prepared, so I got the best one possible for my budget, and even got a thousand bucks off using some of the negotiation techniques here. This is really worth checking out before leasing. Your 20 bucks can save you thousands of dollars.

It's surely gonna help you get a good deal
posted this review on February 24, 2013

Before getting this kit, I had no idea what the right pricing is when it comes to leasing cars. I was totally clueless on how the deals go, and what I should do to get the best possible deals. Here, I found out exactly what the best cars are for my budget range. It also taught me the fees I should pay, and how to negotiate to lower down these fees. When I was talking to the dealer, I think he was surprised at how much I knew about their industry. He said I seemed like I’ve been leasing cars for a long time. I knew all the questions I should ask, and what answers to expect. I also didn’t fall for sales strategies. I made sure everything polished and planned out before I visited the dealer. I already had a car in mind, I had a price range, and I made a checklist of the things I should ask, and the things I should clarify. It really helped me get a great deal!

If you don't want to be ripped off
posted this review on February 4, 2013

If not for the The Lease Kit, I would have been ripped off on my latest car lease agreement. I’m leasing a car in this state because I won’t be here for long. Maybe just 3 months, so it’s not really a good idea to buy one. It was my first time leasing a car then, and if not for this, I would have paid the amount for a 6-month lease!

Everyone should read this before leasing a car
S. Haber (from Wallace, USA) posted this review on January 27, 2013

This is perfect to read before leasing a car, so you can really get your money’s worth. You’ll learn here exactly how much you should pay for each lease, and what you can do to lower the price further. It has a lot of tips on negotiating, and also in making sure that you get the best deal possible. I’m happy with the information I got from this guide.

Detailed car lease resource
Greg Fatch (from Sterling Heights, USA) posted this review on December 26, 2012

The Lease Kit is a detailed resource on leasing cars the right way. I’m glad I read this before my first car lease. It’s really helped me get the best deal out of it. Two thumbs up for this guide!

It has a lot of useful ideas
Marlon Rover (from Everton, USA) posted this review on December 14, 2012

This is a must-read for anyone who leases cars on a regular basis. Leasing a car you’re not satisfied with can be quite a pain because you will be stuck with it for a long time. The Lease Kit will help you find the best deals. The tips and tricks here worked for me. If you’re stuck in a bad deal, some ideas here can also help.

Great for first time car leasers
posted this review on November 14, 2012

This is a good guide for first time car leasers. I lease cars regularly because I travel a lot for work now, and this has been a helpful guide for me. I helped me get the best deals at rock bottom prices, and also taught me what to look for in contracts and other papers I need to sign before getting my car. It also reveals the scams that I have to stay away from when leasing a car, and there are a lot! There is so much information here that I’m sure it will be useful for anyone planning to lease cars.

I managed to get out of a bad lease early
posted this review on November 12, 2012

I needed a way out of a bad lease as quickly as I can. The tips here on ending a lease earlier than the specified time has been very helpful. I managed to squeeze out of that nasty deal 3 months earlier than what we talked about, and the owner didn’t get mad.

For people who regularly lease cars
posted this review on August 14, 2012

I agree that you need this book if you lease cars regularly. If you’re just doing it one time, then you probably don’t, but if you regularly lease cars, you will save so much money by learning from this book. I personally lease cars often for business, and I find this book a big help in saving money. The tips and tricks are really effective if you do them right.

Saved me more than a thousand dollars on my latest lease
Coby Baldwin (from New York, USA) posted this review on July 7, 2012

This kit saved me more than two thousand dollars from my latest lease. I’ve been leasing cars for more than 2 years now, because I need to travel from state to state and all over the world for work. I purchased it because my last lease was a horrible deal, and I had to stay with it for 6 months. Good thing, with the help of this guide, I now know better. I can now save thousands of dollars with every lease I make.


Great savings with a great kit.

Although I had considered myself knowledgeable about leasing and able to get a good deal, I became frustrated after four days of dealing. I then found this Lease Kit. That investment has returned me over $6500.00 in savings.


Great life and time saver

The Lease Kit has saved me a considerable amount of money, for the price of a few gallons of gas.

Jim C.,

Early Termination Guide saved me big time

I wasn't interested in getting into a lease — I wanted out of one! I got Lease Kit only for the Early Termination Guide and it was well worth the price of the whole package. I had no idea of what to do before.

S. Denison

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