The Muscle Experiment

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Discover how you can build rock-hard muscles without lifting weights, using ineffective supplements, taking harmful steroids or spending lots of money on expensive gym memberships in Mike Thiga's The Muscle Experiment. In this e-book, you'll learn about the proven "SuperFreak" system for gaining muscle through bodyweight training.

Mike Thiga claims that The Muscle Experiment will give you better and faster results than you'll get with weightlifting. You'll learn the hidden truths and myths about bodyweight training and the advantages bodyweight trainers have over weightlifters.

You'll also learn the 7 "SuperFreak" principles and the formula this system is based on, the secret way to surpass your genetic muscle potential, the trick for stimulating all the fibers in your muscles and much more. This e-book also includes your personal muscle cheat sheets with 30 powerful bodyweight exercises.

With the secrets, techniques and exercises you'll learn in The Muscle Experiment, you'll gain incredible muscles in the shortest possible time! You'll receive The 8 Pack Manual, the Bodyweight Exercise Database, Muscle Building Mealplans and other bonuses if you purchase The Muscle Experiment.

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It's the perfect way to build muscles!
Carlton Higgins (from Pueblo, USA) posted this review on January 13, 2013

The Muscle Experiment is awesome! I’m already seeing muscles on my arms and chest without doing much. It’s really a revolutionary approach to muscle building and it’s perfect for those who can’t spend hours a day in the gym.

Made my muscles pop without steroids!
Torrence C. (from Carlsbad, USA) posted this review on December 17, 2012

I thought I’d never be able to build muscles without the use of steroids. I wanted to try using it but my wife told me not too. She was so mad when she found out that I was planning to use steroids that she didn’t talk to me for days. The Muscle Experiment came along, and now I can finally have the body that I want without using steroids. My wife went to the gym to ask the guys if I’m taking steroids because my muscles are really popping now!

The exercises are super!
posted this review on September 19, 2012

When I learned that this is a bodyweight training program, I downloaded it right away. A lot of my previous gym buddies have ditched the weights for some bodyweight exercises, and I’m super happy that this is finally available online as I don’t want to spend my summer at a camp just to learn about body weight exercises. Anyway, the exercises in here worked super for me, and I’m in love with them! I’ll keep using the until I achieve my ideal form.

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