The Paruresis Treatment System

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The Paruresis Treatment System was created by Rich Presta for people who are looking for a solution to their paruresis or shy bladder. If you're struggling with this condition, this system/program will teach you the advanced strategies that you can apply to overcome your paruresis.

With The Paruresis Treatment System, you can beat your paruresis without dangerous medication, expensive and useless therapies, and new age gimmicks. It provides an all-natural and safe solution. Not only can this comprehensive program help treat this debilitating psychological condition, it can also help change your life. It can end your anxiety, embarrassment, and fear of using bathrooms, and lead you to a normal and happy life.

The complete Paruresis Treatment System includes various multi-media components. There's The Paruresis Treatment System manual and complete audio edition, the Anxiety-Free Masterminds Audio Series, The Paruresis Audio and Treatment System. With these tools, you will learn how to completely understand your fear, the 15-minute, 4-step technique that will stop your anxiety in public bathrooms, the patterns to avoid to overcome your paruresis, the simple exercise to retrain your brain so urinating will be easy, and much more.

When you purchase The Paruresis Treatment System, you will also receive 3 special bonuses.

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I feel like a normal person again!
On-Site Review

I’m a woman who’s always had trouble urinating in public bathrooms, I was sick of being restricted and always having to think about where I would go to the bathroom if I left my “safe place”. I found the Paruresis Treatment System and immediately wanted to give it a try, and I’m so glad I did. I’m more relaxed and am able to use the bathroom in public MUCH easier now. I feel like a normal person again!

Justine DeGroppe,
Paris, France

It feels great!
On-Site Review

I started seeing results after the first week of using the program for my paruresis. Now I know I CAN urinate when I need to, and it feels great. I’m so thankful I found the program, out of everything I’d tried, this is by far the BEST.

Steve Jones,
Wales, United Kingdom

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