The Truth About Supplements

by Mark Ottobre,

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Have you noticed that despite training so hard at the gym for three to four times a week, you sill haven’t achieved the body you’ve always wanted? According to Mark Ottobre, author of The Truth About Supplements, that’s because of the wrong supplementation and nutrition you’ve been feeding your body. As personal trainer to top models, champion bodybuilders and Hollywood personalities, Mark Ottobre have seen all body types and definitely knows what he’s talking about. To bodybuilders, taking all kinds of supplements is kind of what like ambrosia is to the Greek gods. They want ripped muscles and think fat-burning supplements are the key to achieving a perfect body. But be warned that feeding your body the wrong kind of supplement may lead to disaster. The Truth About Supplements reveals all the nasty secrets that lie in the world of supplements, and how finding the right supplement amid fancy packaging and slick ads can be quite daunting. Ottobre has found the secrets of supplementation and nutrition and has generously shared it in his ebook. Once you know the truth, you will now be able to shed off that stubborn fat from your body within weeks! This ebook contains over 10 chapters of valuable information, plus a section devoted to a nutrition guide called The Champions Diet which teaches everything you’ll need for maximum nutrition and muscle building. The Truth About Supplements is definitely a must-buy for those serious about bodybuilding, and for those who simply want the right stuff to feed their body.

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This book will serve me for years to come. . .
On-Site Review

“The Truth About Supplements” is a must read with powerful tips and information on every page, allowing you to easily discover not only which supplements are the right ones for your body, but recommendations for various fitness practises. I would recommend this book to everyone and anyone who is looking to make improvements in their exercise regime, or even just developing an overall healthier lifestyle. This book will definitely serve me for years to come, and it truly opens your eyes to what you need and don’t need to quickly advance your health and fitness. The research and in depth information provided in this book is remarkable and is indeed unlike anything I have ever read.

Melissa Riccardi

I've exceeded my expectations...
On-Site Review

Training over the last 8 months has certainly been fun and enjoyable! I have exceeded my own expectations about what I thought I could achieve. I find his training and diet advice takes me well beyond our sessions. Mark has always taken the time to explain my training programs through to the finest detail so I know all the aspects of my training. Whenever I thought I had reached my goal, I am always able to set the bar a little bit higher and have continued to make progress every week.

Jayson Alam

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