The Ultimate Fruit Winemaker's Guide

by Dominic Rivard,

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The Ultimate Fruit Winemaker's Guide is a book written by Dominic Rivard, an experienced Canadian winemaker, entrepreneur and winner of hundreds of awards in national and international wine competitions. This e-book is not only a comprehensive blueprint for those who want to learn how to make fruit wine, but also an exciting and interesting read for everyone who loves wine and wants to know more about this "Drink of the Gods."

The Ultimate Fruit Winemaker's Guide gives you an overview of the modern wine industry, describes different winemaking techniques, provides the best wine recipes and also covers the business side of winemaking, including marketing, exporting, managing the company and more. You'll also get a number of useful bonuses that will help you perform your own research, make the best fruit wines and run your business successfully.

The bonus package includes more than 50 additional articles, manuals, tools and software programs. You'll get winemaking and analysis software, a list of the best international buyers and importers, excellent marketing ideas and business tactics, wine recipes for the widest variety of fruits found in all parts of the world and much more.

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Huge amount of useful information.
MarcGodard (from Montreal, Canada) posted this review on June 12, 2010

The book was well written, gave a lot of excellent technical information that is not easily found elsewhere in a way that both a novice or experienced winemaker could grasp well and put to use.

The section on wine marketing would be highly useful to anyone contemplating getting into the business.

Interesting information
On-Site Review

This book is full of really interesting information, I read it twice although I wasn't going to start a winemaking business. But now I changed my mind, I think I actually can do it, with this perfect guidance from a guy who certainly knows what he's talking about.

Bob K.,

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