The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Workout

by John Romaniello,

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There will be a zombie apocalypse, and not everybody will be able to survive. That's what trainer, coach, and author John Romaniello believes. If you've seen movies like Dawn of the Dead or you watch the hit TV series, The Walking Dead, you would know the scenario. People will come back from the dead and turn into brain-eating zombies.

And to be able to defeat the zombies and to survive and stay alive, one needs to be fit and strong. This is what John teaches in The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Workout. If you are looking to get conditioning, functional strength, raw power, and rock hard muscle (whether you believe in the zombie apocalypse or not), then this simple four-phase, 12-week workout program is perfect for you. It is designed using the most cutting-edge training principles that will not only help you accelerate fat loss, but also will help you condition your body so you will be prepared when the zombie apocalypse happens.

The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Workout works in these four phases: Phase 1 – Zombie Survival 101: Conditioning; Phase 2 – Zombie Escape Strength: Relative Strength; Phase 3 – Zombie Skull Crushing: Absolute Strength; Phase 4 – Ultimate Zombie Domination: Overall Fitness. The complete program will teach you why most cardio slows your metabolism, the fundamental movements that build joint mobility and stability, how to double your strength and endurance, the training secrets that will also make you better in bed, the most critical foods that boost your fat burning and muscle building, the secrets to maintaining your zombie apocalypse body, and much more.

When you purchase The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Workout, you will get access to these valuable components: The Zombie Apocalypse Step-By-Step Training Guide, Exclusive Workout Logs To Keep You On Track, the controversial Supplement Guide, The Zombie Apocalypse Video Exercise Library, and the Zombie Survival Quickstart Checklist. With the help of all these tools, you will be able to transform your body and be absolutely prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

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The Zombie Apocalypse program was easy to stick with...
On-Site Review

I hate cardio and always have. Coming from a strongman and oly lifting background, if the zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow, I’d be food! I needed to get in better shape cardiowise, and all the standard forms of cardio bored me to death.

Luckily, in the 4 weeks I decided to give this program a try, I managed to avoid any major cardiac events. On a more serious note, I was able to maintain strength and even increase it on my front squat, while expanding my cardio capacity in a way that was enjoyable, challenging, and ALWAYS novel and fresh.

The Zombie Apocalypse program was easy to stick with and did exactly what it was supposed to do – it improved my cardio a ton, got me a bit stronger, and most importantly, kept me coming back by making things fun and easy. It’s just a straight-up fun program. I highly recommend it if you’re looking to drop fat, increase cardio capacity, or just make it easier to get around.

Jahed Momand

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