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Score: 7/10 ( 35 votes) - Make Money Mailing Cheap Little Postcards is a membership website that aims to teach you everything you need to know about making money from postcards. This new way of making money is the easiest to learn, since it does not require technical knowledge or previous marketing experience. A lot of people waste their time going through months and months of Internet marketing training, but do not earn a single cent once they launch their websites. This form of marketing has already been saturated by the big boys, so getting noticed as a newbie will be very difficult. With - Make Money Mailing Cheap Little Postcards, you will be introduced to a simpler, yet highly-profitable newbie-friendly marketing.

As a member of - Make Money Mailing Cheap Little Postcards, you will immediately get a 25-page manual, called Postcard Wealth Guide, which will introduce the business plan to you. You will also get your own personal website, which is already branded and ready to earn you some good money. If you are worried about your lack of artistic juices, - Make Money Mailing Cheap Little Postcards included 24 pre-made postcard designs that you can easily print out from your computer. These postcard designs have been proven effective, so you really do not have to bother designing your own. On top of these, you will gain access to their mailing list lead brokers, which will help you earn more money in an instant.

If you want to earn money quickly and easily, mailing postcards is the best marketing strategy for you. By joining - Make Money Mailing Cheap Little Postcards, you can rest assured that you have the best strategy in postcard marketing.

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This is great for single moms
posted this review on September 26, 2013

This is something that I’d recommend to all single moms like me. Being a single mom, I don’t have enough time for all of the roles that I have to play. I’m working as an accounting assistant, and I’m also both the mom and the dad to my 7 year old daughter. I take her to school, pick her up, work on her homework – I do everything with her. I tried taking a part-time job before, but I almost died, so I quit it. The problem is that I need more money to save up for my girl’s education. came just in time. I was searching for the perfect work from home opportunity when I found this. It was disappointing at first because I didn’t get as much money as I expected on the first month. After a few months, it became a real moneymaker for me. Adam’s also been very supportive. The first month, I emailed him about my disappointment in the system, and he had a lot of really nice and encouraging words for me, so I just kept on using the system. I’m now earning more than I would from an ordinary part-time job, and I have so much time left for my daughter. We sometimes work on our postcards together during weekends. I let her put the postcards into envelopes and then seal them. She feels good knowing that she’s helping mom earn some money. If you have teenage kids, they might be able to help you earn more money from this business.

The work is easy, the money is ok
Frances Bine (from Rumsey, USA) posted this review on July 11, 2013

I’ve checked out similar earning opportunities, but I really earned more from It isn’t as easy as they say it is, but it’s really a good way to earn money. I’ve been selling on eBay, selling on Amazon, and doing some affiliate marketing work for years. I just tried this one for additional income. I’d say although it’s not enough as a permanent and only source of income, you do get paid a lot more than you should get because the tasks are really easy. It’s like getting so much returns for a very small investment of time and effort.

It's good but I don't think you can make money from it permanent
posted this review on April 7, 2013

I think I’m kind of neutral here. The thing is that the whole business model works, but it’s not for me. The idea that promotes is that you send out these little marketing postcards and you earn money from that. So that’s why some people are saying that you’ll be earning money for little work. How hard can it be to prepare and mail postcards right? When I was starting out, I just mail out 5 postcards everyday before coming home from the office. No biggie. I’ve already earned money from that. The problem is that I don’t see this is a stable way to make money. I don’t think it’s gonna be a really good business for those with families as sometimes, you won’t make money at all. And it’s not really true that you’re gonna be drowning in cash because of this. It’s a simple business and yes it will earn you money, but it’s far from stable and it’s not gonna be forever that you’ll earn money from it. And I think the more members they have, the harder it will be earn money from this. So that’s just what I think about it. I stopped mailing postcards a month ago, just to let you know. 

It's easy
posted this review on March 10, 2013

I make about 500 to 600 bucks a week with this and it’s not bad because I mail postcards only on Mondays. It’s true that you have to give your business some time, like a month before you start earning. After that it becomes really easy.

Easy and almost risk-free
posted this review on January 26, 2013

I was so disappointed with this the first time I saw the course. I thought it was a total crap, but my husband encouraged me to go try it first before asking for a refund. The first month, I got a few hundred dollars from it, so I got inspired to do better. The 2nd month, my earnings increased slightly, but it’s still not the kind of earning I wanted. Then came the third month, and I got almost $2000 from it. There’s still some luck involved and you still need to work a little bit. But after my fifth month, I barely do anything and the money just kept coming in. It’s about building up your business. It’s a real business not a moneymaking machine, so you can’t expect it to create money for you just like that. It’s time consuming building it up, but after that you will be enjoying your money without doing much. Just like what happened to me. This is highly recommended if you want an easy, and almost risk-free business.

Impressive business model
posted this review on December 28, 2012 is definitely an excellent way to earn some extra money. I’ve been earning money from it since I joined almost a year ago. The first few months were slow. So slow that I almost gave up on it. But when I started earning, it just kept growing and growing. You just invest a bit of your time and money on the program and reap the rewards later. That’s how it works. Give it about 3 months to start making you money. After that, you can work less and still earn. It’s a great business model.

A real business opportunity you shouldn't miss
posted this review on December 13, 2012

Like all businesses, requires a little bit of capital. I think that’s one thing that everyone should understand. You can start a business out of thin air. The good side here is that you only have to invest a little money, and the rewards get bigger and bigger in the long run. The sales page may be a bit exaggerated as with all other products on the internet, or even offline, but it’s in no way a scam. You will really get what they promise you’d get but the success of your business lies on your hands. It’s still a matter of how much time and dedication you can devote to it. I’m a stay-at-home mom, so instead of watching TV all day or knitting or doing absolutely nothing, I chose to run this business. The first month, I was almost discouraged because I didn’t earn as much as the sales page promised I’d earn, but I just kept going because I have nothing else to do at home anyway. Now, I’m earning good money from this little business of mine, and it doesn’t require extra work. Some businesses require more work as they grow, this is the other way around. I encourage you to try if you want to start a real business without investing too much money.

It's a very smart business model!
posted this review on November 27, 2012

When I first read the business model, I got a bit hesitant and I wanted to return it but I got bored doing nothing at home and started mailing postcards. I got some response the first week, so I got motivated to do more. I mailed some more, and the week after that my earnings started. It was small at first, just some coins to cover the money I spend mailing postcards, and then as weeks went by, I earned more and more. Now it’s been almost a year since that day when I got bored and mailed my first few investments, and I’m already earning good fulltime income mailing postcards. It won’t make you filthy rich at all, but at least I get to earn without working too hard. I don’t even mail much anymore. I just mail whenever I feel like it! I highly recommend trying out this business model. I’m sure you’ll be surprised with the returns!

It's easier than other businesses
Daisy Franks (from Baconton, USA) posted this review on November 5, 2012

I agree with most people here that this is a real business opportunity, but you won’t earn from it if you don’t get moving. It’s easier to run than other businesses, though, because you only need to prepare the postcards and mail them. For me, I prepare my postcards on weekends, and sometimes I get my daughter to prepare them for me, and then everyday, before I go to work, I mail some. It’s that simple. I’m a working mom, and I can do it. I’m sure this will be easier for stay-at-home moms as they can set aside some time of their day for preparing the postcards. As I’ve said, it’s a real business, so you have to put some time and effort on it, or you won’t earn. The earnings are worth the effort in a few months. The first 1-2 months will not be that good yet, but in the 3rd month onward you will start reaping what you have sown. My friend got started with this earlier than I did. She started two years ago, and she’s already quit her fulltime job for this business because it already earns her so much money. I’m hoping to get that much income from this by next year.

Had to tweak a bit to make it work
posted this review on November 4, 2012

I had to do a few tweaks to the program to make it profitable for me, but the concept is there, and it’s a good one. I’m not that good on the internet, but I do have some good ideas in running a business. I’ve been scouring the internet for a long time for an “easy” business I can do offline. As I said, I’m new to internet stuff, so I’m pretty sure that I’d mess up if I try out an online business. Since this program only requires mailing postcards, I gave it a shot. There are some loopholes in the program, but you just have to find a way to make it work for your situation. For me, I don’t have enough money to invest for the first few months as I’ve been jobless for 3 years since an accident, so I looked for a workaround for that. Don’t expect it to be so “easy.” With easy it means that it’s easier than other jobs and businesses, but it’s not like you’re gonna earn without doing anyhitng. The description is exaggerated, but there is good money to be made from this business.

Not that easy at first
posted this review on October 25, 2012

I can’t say that this does not require any work at all. It requires work, and it’s not easy work, but it does make good money once you get everything setup. There will also be a small investment needed, but all businesses need that, and this is one of the cheapest businesses you can start. As for me, I started with 2 months with no returns, but after that I started earning, and now it’s my primary source of income. I think if you really want to succeed in it, that’s when you will. You can’t be in the business for 2 weeks, and then quit. You won’t earn that way. You really have to give the business some time to set and to simmer. After that it’s gonna be easy. I don’t even mail postcards everyday now. I just mail whenever I want, and I still earn from it. When I need more money, I mail more postcards. It’s that simple.

Not bad for easy work
posted this review on October 22, 2012

I started making money two months after the first day I mailed postcards. My daughter helps me with it and she really enjoys it. I don’t do it everyday because I ran a little eBay business along with it. As for the 5,000 you can earn weekly, it’s difficult to hit that, but I’ve already made more than a thousand dollars in just a week. It highly depends on the number of postcards you send out and I guess luck also plays a part, but you get to earn money from a little investment, so I think it’s not too bad.

Postcard guru
posted this review on October 2, 2012

PostCard Guru is just another scam.The program costs $ 49 but then in order for the business to be profitable you have to mail out 50-100 postcards a day. Each postcard costs you .32 and they reccomend get 500 postcards for $ 69.00. Then you have put buy a mailing list, stamps, envelopes now tell m e, where is your profit? You might be able to make money but, it will take you quite a while  like maybe 6months before you start making some money. The only thing is, most people would not be able to mail 50*100postcards a day because they do not have enough money. It says in the ad that you can make up to $ 5000 a week so i e mailed the company. They wrote back saying that not everyone is going to  make that.. It depends on how hard you work at it. I replied, Work at it?" If you are just mailing postcards how hard can that be"?  That was before i find out you have to  buy the postcards. Like my grandfather used to say if it sounds  too good to  be true more thanlikely it is.

100% positive that this will earn you money
Cecilia Rodner (from Inverness, USA) posted this review on September 26, 2012

I’ve just recently started on this unique earning trend, since I learned that one of my friends is doing it. I tried it too, and out of her suggestion, I purchased this program. I think this program is a must-read for everyone who’s looking for an easy way to earn some extra money. For me, I’m not earning fulltime income from this yet, since I just got started, but it’s possible in the long run. My friend’s income is continuously increasing, and she also learned from this resource, so I have so much confidence in this. The instructions are also very very easy to follow. I’ve no idea on any sort of marketing, but this book made it easy for me. It’s also great that it doesn’t require any tech skills. My technical know-how is limited to browsing the net and typing stuff like this. Other than that, I’m computer illiterate. All in all, the program is a complete business course. You wouldn’t have to do any additional research, since you’ll get all the good stuff from it. I hope this short note helps you decide to give it a try.

posted this review on September 25, 2012

This is a scam! Dont waste your time or money.

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