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If you're a cat owner and you're frustrated by your pet's refusal to use the litter box, Thinking Outside The Box is a must-have resource for you. You'll learn everything about your cat's inappropriate urination and what you can do to stop it.

This e-book introduces a proven, easy-to-follow system that works regardless of how long your cat has been peeing in the wrong places. This system has been tested, modified and used on more than 600 cats. In Thinking Outside The Box, you'll learn the many reasons why a cat pees outside the litter box and how to understand and listen to what your pet is trying to tell you. You'll also learn how to turn an outdoor cat into an indoor cat, the behavioral issues of cats, when you should seek medical help for your cat, the truth about scented litter, tips to minimize stress on your cat and more.

With the valuable information you'll discover in this e-book, you can have a healthier, happier cat and a cleaner house.

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I got to teach my kitty how to use the litter box
Mylene Lazaro (from Tram, USA) posted this review on July 22, 2014

Thinking Outside The Box is great! I have a new cat and she was terrible! My apartment was a mess the first few days of having her. I wanted to badly to give her away, but then I also loved her sweetness and I liked having the sound of another living creature in my room. Thinking Outside The Box helped me teach her how to use the litter box, and how to be the good kitty she should be. Now, we’re getting along better, and our little home is always clean and it always smells good too!

I'm so sure that I'll get a lot of help from this guide
E. Oliver (from Ventura, USA) posted this review on July 4, 2014

I got this kitty from my sister, and I had no idea what to do with her. All of my sister’s cats can use the litter box. This little kitty seemed to prefer pooping and peeing everywhere else but the litter box. It was tough for me having to clean up all the time. You know how awful cat poop smells. I read some tips and articles on the Internet, but most of them aren’t very detailed. I still couldn’t point out why my cat wouldn’t use the litter box. I also tried calling my sister to ask her how to make cats use the litter box, but she had no idea. She said her cat started using the litter box the moment she put it there. I felt so disappointed and I thought I got a rotten apple. I almost wanted to return the kitty to my sister, but I gave her one last chance. I got this course because I read it in a cat care forum. A dude there recommended this for those who have kitty litter problems. I learned so much about cat thinking and cat behavior through this book. I realized everything I’ve been doing wrong, and I felt sorry for kitty. It must have been hard for her having to look for a new place to poop every single day. She was probably thinking that she got a terrible owner because I couldn’t even provide her with a good place to poop. Anyway, I hope kitty is happy now that I’ve already setup her litter box correctly. I am getting another cat next month, a Persian this time, and I’m sure I will get a lot of help from this guide again.

This really helped me get my kitty to use the litter box again
posted this review on May 5, 2014

My cat’s really been difficult to handle the past few days. She’s been a total bitch and a wacko. She refuses to use the litter box, but it could be because of the new cat at home. My sister rescued a cat from the streets and now we have two at home. It probably drove my baby crazy. Good thing I found Thinking Outside The Box. I’ve tried some of the methods here, and this morning, my cat started using the litter box again. I am hoping this goes on like this because I’m really getting tired of scooping cat poop from the floor. It’s terrible. If your cat is going crazy and refusing to use the litter box, I highly recommend this. I think this will really help.

I'm pretty sure this will work for all cats
posted this review on March 24, 2014

My cat used to do her thing outside the litter box when we moved in to a new apartment. She was probably disoriented. My sister potty trained her before so I had no idea what to do. Good thing I found Thinking Outside The Box. It really helped me convince my cat to use the litter box again. It took me about 3 days to do that. The tips and tricks here really work. It’s funny how cats are like robots when it comes to their pooping and peeing. I’m sure this will work for all cats.

Simple yet effective ideas
posted this review on March 3, 2014

These are some really practical tips in convincing your kitty to use the litter box. My cat was also skeptical with using the new litter box that I got for her, so I had to retrain her. She was using a different one before, which I found too messy, so I had her try this new one, and it’s a lot better for me but she wouldn’t use it because she was probably looking for the other one. She’d poop on rugs and once even the sofa. I was at my wit’s end when I found this guide and tried the techniques. She eventually started using her new litter box, and we’re living in harmony again.

This worked on 4 problem kitties
posted this review on January 6, 2014

This has worked for 4 of my problem kitties. I have 12 cats so I need to make sure that they’re disciplined. I’m confident in getting some more because I already know how to make them use the litter box. That’s what’s important for me. As long as your cat knows how to use the litter box, you almost don’t have to take care of it anymore.

This guide is very informative and very detailed
posted this review on October 2, 2013

Cats are unique creatures, but that’s what makes them more adorable. Sometimes, I just sit and wonder about what my cat is thinking of. She seems to do things her own way all the time. The one thing that we always fought about was her refusal to use the litter box. I had to endure it for like 3 months. She just suddenly stopped using the box. She used to use it, and then for some reason, she stopped and started peeing and pooping wherever she likes. It was a disaster. I had no idea what to do, and then I searched the Internet for some ideas, and I found Thinking Outside The Box. The title caught my attention, and I immediately tried the techniques here. In just about a week, my cat started using the litter box again. I was surprised when I found out why she wasn’t using her box. There are several reasons discussed in the book including how to fix them. You will learn once you get a hold of this book, and I bet you will be surprised too. I ended up loving my kitty for the unique creature she truly is. I hope you give this a try if you have similar problems.

My baby finally learned to use the litter box
posted this review on September 24, 2013

I was really frustrated when my cat wouldn’t use the litter box. I got into a lot of trouble with my boyfriend because he was against getting a cat, but I really wanted one. We got one from the shelter, and they don’t really get along well because my boyfriend isn’t a cat lover. He gave me a month to train my new cat to use the litter box, and if she doesn’t learn by then we’d have to return her to the shelter. I tried the techniques here despite my skepticism because I really wanted to keep her. In just about a week, my cat started using her litter box. I also learned a lot about her that helped me discipline her. She’s become more obedient and so much easier to manage. My boyfriend is starting to learn to live with our new cat, and he doesn’t get made anymore when she tries to cuddle with him. This guide has been very helpful for me, and I bet it will help a lot other families with new kitty babies too.

These methods are good!
Charlene Thornton (from Neversink, USA) posted this review on April 8, 2013

My cat has been peeing a lot out of the litter box lately. She wasn’t like that before, so I was surprised to see her acting that way. I didn’t know that there was something wrong with her litter box. I used the methods in Thinking Outside The Box and I was able to convince my cat to use her litter box again. It’s been 3 weeks since she last started peeing on her litter box again and I think this is for good. I’ve also learned the right way to setup her litter box so that she keeps on using it. It’s not a mystery anymore why she uses her litter box on and off. I’m confident now that she won’t be messing up the apartment for a long time.

My kitty finally used the litter box
Danea Marquez (from Quogue, USA) posted this review on December 29, 2012

Thinking Outside The Box has helped me have a better relationship with the kitty I got from the shelter. She was already 2 years old when I got her, so it was quite difficult training her to do new things. It was a small shelter I got her from, and she just lived in a large cage with other cats, so she probably got shocked when she came home to my house. Anyway, after I did the methods in this book, she finally started using the pretty little litter box I got for her.

My Precy's using her litter box now
posted this review on October 15, 2012

I love my cat so much, but I almost gave up on her because she didn’t like to use the litter box, and I live in an apartment where the landlady checks each unit once in a month. Also, I usually have friends over at my place, and I just get embarrassed when they smell the poop and pee all over my place. I’ve used the strongest cleaners, even more expensive ones, but none of them worked for me. Good thing I found this book. The techniques are super effective! My cat started using her litter box in just a few days. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to work that well, but yeah it did, and my Precy’s been a good girl all along. It was me who was making mistakes with her litter box.

My cats love their litter box now!
Patricia Stoval (from Irwinton, USA) posted this review on August 27, 2012

I have 4 cats at home, and it’s a pain when they refuse to use the litter box. I did almost every free tip I got online, but nothing worked. My pets still refuse the lovely little litter box I prepared for them. Using this book, though, I was finally able to trick them into using the litter box until they got used to it. They’re now really easy to deal with and my apartment smells so fresh all the time. Plus, they also seem healthier probably because they’re always clean. My friends who are also cat lovers wonder how I get to keep the apartment smelling so great and looking so clean even if I got 4 cats to take care of. I tell them it’s all about discipline!

My mom and my cat are getting along so well now
posted this review on July 21, 2012

I used to have problems with my Felix’s peeing. He pees everywhere he wants, even on the couch and on the bed. My mom goes crazy and she wants him abandoned. It was so difficult to clean, and most of the time, it leaves furniture permanently smelly. Anyway, I read a lot online about how to solve Felix’s pee problems, but found little information. Most of what I’ve found are useless, so I decided to just buy my own book. This is a gem!  It solved Felix’s problem in just a week. Mom and me were surprised to see him pee in the litter box for the first time! Mom now loves Felix so much more. She even buys him treats from time to time. I’m so happy they’re getting along so well now!


My Cat is Doing Wonderfully Thanks to Thinking Outside The Box

I purchased Thinking Outside The Box after stumbling across on a forum online.

I can honestly say that I was at my wit's end and was 1 day away from bringing my cat to the SPCA. My husband was fed up with our cat peeing on his clothes (only his) and we had tried everything we could think of to get him to stop.

Our vet told us that "some cats just do that" and we believed him. We thought we had a cat that just didn't like using his litter box.
We were wrong. What we read in Thinking Outside The Box prompted us to take action and it ended up that our cat had a serious urinary tract problem. With some medication and a new diet plan, our cat is now 100% healthy and hasn't had an "accident" outside the litter in months.

Carolyn Schneider

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