Thirty Days to Change Your Life

by Mark Harrison

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Score: 7.7/10 (7 votes)


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Thirty Days to Change Your Life is a comprehensive handbook on the Law of Attraction. Rather than give you lots of theoretical material the way other books do, this e-book gives you a 30-step plan to making a real difference in your life.

There are 30 chapters in Thirty Days to Change Your Life. Each chapter covers one day of your transformation program. The chapters are short so you can read them several times a day to help you stick to the plan. You'll learn exactly what the Law of Attraction is, how to use the power of your mind to set and achieve your goals, how to start living the life you've always wanted and more.

Thirty Days to Change Your Life also comes with 10 free e-books that will teach you how to improve different areas of your life, including how to communicate more confidently, how to overcome social anxiety, how to get the laws of the universe to work for you and more. 

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Incredible book
On-Site Review

Thirty Days to Change Your Life is a wonderfully concise and readable book that truly can change your life. Mark uses powerful examples and stories to illustrate the points he is making, and this is what makes the message of the book remain with you to ponder long after you have finished reading the pages.
Change can sometimes be a frightening endeavor, but with this practical book you will come to indeed embrace change, welcome it, and celebrate it. The short chapters read daily and repeated over time will provide the tools necessary to live a productive and happy life.

Rosemary Holmes-Gull,

It can transform your life completely
On-Site Review

The stories kept me hooked right till the last page. Short chapters (4-5 pages each) filled with handpicked stories and examples explaining one idea at a time make this book a real treat to read and re-read. The ideas are simple and timeless. There is not one complicated idea present in the book. And that’s how a book which talks about changing your life should be. The ideas simply flow from chapter to chapter. And before you even realize, they get in your head and stay with you even after keeping the book down.

Avani Mehta,

Great information
On-Site Review

Although the book has 30 chapters, one for each of the 30 days, you might need many weeks to allow the ideas to sink in. This book just may change your life.

Andrew Rondeau,

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