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Total Advertising Network has created a package of blasting tools that require only one minute of your time every day. Instead of purchasing multiple software for different SEO and internet marketing tasks, Total Advertising Network combined all of them for you in a single membership website. This set and forget system guarantees results that are far better than other push button software available in the market.

Leading Total Advertising Network’s high quality push-button tools is their Classified Ad Blaster. This ingenious software allows you to blast your ads to up to 3,000 websites daily, while other ad blasting software only let you do it once every three days. Ads generated by Classified Ad Blaster are guaranteed to stay online for an average of three days.

Another valuable tool from Total Advertising Network is their Search Engine Blaster. This software ensures that your websites regularly get updated and re-indexed by major search engines. With a tool like this in your arsenal, you will be sure that your latest SEO efforts get noticed more easily.

Both of these software are made easy to use, so even total beginners can benefit from them. They also come with supplemental resources, such as high quality website templates, customizable scripts, and an FFA submission tool. These work together to make the most tedious tasks in SEO and Internet marketing as easy as clicking the mouse button.

Total Advertising Network’s collection of effective tools, will surely boost your websites' rankings with minimal effort from you. If you are among the thousands of Internet marketers who dream of having their marketing efforts automated, this package will be one of your most important investments.

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Helpful software definitely worth spending for
posted this review on March 10, 2014

Total Advertising Network is amazing! I was surprised with how much it boosted my SEO results. I was using similar software before. In fact, I’ve tried two. They both had limits as to when I could blast websites. My websites are still pretty new so I wanted to blast as often as possible. This allows me to blast once a day. It’s a lot more lenient than other similar products. Another thing is that this has so many high-quality templates and scripts that are not included in other packages. The first two software I had didn’t have these high-quality bonuses. All in all, I’d say this has been really helpful for my SEO campaigns.

My traffic has improved significantly
posted this review on April 19, 2013

I love this whole ad blasting package including the bonuses. I was supposed to buy a more expensive SEO package, but I saw this and it comes with a guarantee (while the other doesn’t) and I ended up buying this. No regrets so far as the product is really performing great. Before getting a hold of this, I posted my ads manually. I get help from my daughter with that, but it’s really a time-consuming task. I got someone from odesk to help me with it too but he didn’t perform well and he was charging too much. My online business is still in the early stages, so that’s something I cannot afford yet. Now, I just blast classified ad sites thrice a week. I get thousands of new ads from that weekly, and it takes only a few minutes to do that. I can do it everyday, but I don’t want to overdo it, so I do it only thrice a week. The bonuses are great too, the script and the eBooks are particularly helpful for beginners in this business. There’s no wasted product in this collection. I get to use them all for different purposes, and my traffic has significantly improved.

Awesome package!
D. Palermo (from Yarmouth, USA) posted this review on December 4, 2012

The blasting tools in this package are awesome! They’re better than a lot others I’ve used before, and the whole package is cheap too. I highly recommend this! You’ll get everything you need and the interfaces of all the software included are really easy. This stuff will surely get you started on your way to success!

posted this review on November 14, 2012

It’s  a complete software for all my internet advertising and SEO tasks. All the blasters include in the package work great. It’s cut my work time from almost the entire day to just a few minutes. It’s really awesome value for my money.

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