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by David Dellanave
(8 votes)
Discover the easiest and fastest way to build muscles with Off The Floor: A Manual for Deadlift Domination by David Dellanave. David was once just an average lifter like you and so many others. What set him apart, though, was that he really wanted...
by Daniel McCormick
(3 votes)
Takedown Course is a text and video course for all of you athletes and fighters who want to improve your stand up Jiu-Jitsu. Course creator Daniel McCormick represented the US Olympic Team in judo at the 2008 games. He says most Jiu-Jitsu players...
by Christie Rampone and Jozy Altidore
(8 votes)
If you are dreaming of becoming a professional soccer player, you need to start with a professional training program. Go Pro Workouts will be able to help you train your skills and your body in preparation for the big leagues. You will experience...
by Rob Sulaver of
(7 votes)
Get fit like a boss with The BossFit Training Package from Rob Sulaver of Rob is a certified strength coach and sports nutritionist. He’s also a part of the advisory board for Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he’s a...
by Virgil Aponte
(4 votes)
Who says you need expensive equipment to workout? Now, you can get toned and fit using only stairs and your bodyweight as your primary equipment. Ultimate Stair Exercise by Virgil Aponte aims to help you achieve your dream body through stair...
by Jim Katsoulis
(5 votes)
Anyone can lose fat and build muscles with The Elite Body Master Series by Jim Katsoulis. The techniques in this book have already helped thousands of men and women achieve the best bodies possible in the fastest time. It doesn’t matter what...
by Tom Ness and Mark Ness
(4 votes)
Discover how to build lean rock-hard muscles while dropping body fat at the same time with Spartan Body Program by fitness experts Tom Ness and Mark Ness. The program is called Spartan Body Program because it was the same fitness program used by the...
by Kevin Neeld
(6 votes)
If you’re into sports and you want a scientifically-proven effective program for improving your body’s movements, you need Optimizing Movement by Kevin Neeld. This program guarantees to be the key that you need for unlocking your body...