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by Mike Geary
(12 votes)
The Truth about Six Pack Abs was created by Mike Geary, a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist. This program consists of a nutrition and exercise plan, aimed specifically at developing your stomach muscles and eliminating that...
by Mike Thiga
(13 votes)
Discover how you can build rock-hard muscles without lifting weights, using ineffective supplements, taking harmful steroids or spending lots of money on expensive gym memberships in Mike Thiga's The Muscle Experiment. In this e-book, you'll learn...
by Eric Wong
(4 votes)
MMA Ripped is an e-book that will show you how to get a chiseled and toned body by using training techniques professional MMA fighters use. Author Eric Wong has trained several champion MMA fighters. Wong's techniques helped his fighters get in...
by Sean Nalewanyj
(5 votes)
The Truth About Building Muscle, a best selling muscle building e-book that was featured in New York Times, was written by Sean Nalewanyj. The author, after suffering from several humiliating experiences on account of his skinny and weak body, has...
by Nick Nilsson
(4 votes)
After 17 years of training and 9 years of personal training, a fitness professional Nick Nilsson discovered a new way of training that is superior to the traditional training routines. He realized that every fitness exercise has its weakest point;...
by Arun Chase
(4 votes)
Achieve a ripped, muscular body the fast and natural way with Arun Chase's Bodybuilding 4 Idiots system. With this body transformation system, you'll learn the correct way to burn fat and build huge muscles without spending countless hours in the...
by Jack Cascio
(41 votes)
Speed is an important quality for any athlete. In all kinds of sports, speed plays a major role in how well an athlete performs. If your game is being held down by your sluggish movements, or if you feel that you are being left out only because of...
by Anthony Ellis
(4 votes)
Gaining Mass is a course designed to help hardgainers quickly build muscle mass without steroids, drugs or overtraining. This 26-week diet and training program is the result of developer Anthony Ellis' efforts to develop 30 pounds of muscle in just...