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by Lee Hayward
(17 votes)
Blast Your Bench is a system that will help you build strong muscles. If you've always wanted a muscular, well-developed physique, then this easy-to-follow system can help you achieve your goal. You'll get all the strength training...
by Bryan Kavanagh & Ian Graham
(5 votes)
Do you want to burn body fat and achieve a lean and sexy body? If you've proven that diet pills and supplements, endless and boring cardio workouts, and starvation diets do not work, then it's best for you try something more effective. Certified...
by Steven Miller
(4 votes)
Do you want to get rid of your body fat, build muscle, and have an amazingly fit and healthy body? Personal trainer Steven Miller will show you how it's done through Build Extreme Muscle. This complete step-by-step course is the perfect resource...
by Joe Hashey
(4 votes)
Are you a fitness enthusiast who wants to improve your physique quickly and easily and have fun doing it? Then Bull Strength Conditioning is a must-have e-book for you. Author Joe Hashey, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, reveals...
by Eric Wong
(4 votes)
MMA Ripped is an e-book that will show you how to get a chiseled and toned body by using training techniques professional MMA fighters use. Author Eric Wong has trained several champion MMA fighters. Wong's techniques helped his fighters get in...
by Karen Sessions
(4 votes)
Killer Quads is a comprehensive e-book that introduces a system that will help you develop lean, sexy legs. Created by author and personal fitness instructor Karen Sessions, this e-book will teach you techniques to maximize leg strength and build...
by Mike Thiga
(12 votes)
Discover how you can build rock-hard muscles without lifting weights, using ineffective supplements, taking harmful steroids or spending lots of money on expensive gym memberships in Mike Thiga's The Muscle Experiment. In this e-book, you'll learn...
by Mike Geary