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by Lee Hayward
(19 votes)
Blast Your Biceps by Lee Hayward is a training program that focuses on building up your arm muscles. This program will teach you how to add 2 inches of muscles to your arms in as fast as 8 weeks! Whether you're a beginning or an advanced lifter...
by Hugo Rivera
(28 votes)
Body Re-Engineering is a complete fitness and nutrition guide, written by a bestselling author Hugo Rivera. Hugo Rivera has been involved in bodybuilding his entire life. He’s acquired various accreditations, including ISSA, CFT, and SPN, and...
by Coach Eddie Lomax
(9 votes)
Do you want to lose fat, be fit and build muscles? Gladiator Body Workout will help you achieve all these goals. It combines body weight exercises and dumbbell exercises into an effective fitness program that will help you develop the body of a...
by David Grisaffi
(5 votes)
Firm and Flatten Your Abs is a 180-page e-book that will show you how to develop a powerful midsection (the so-called six pack abs), help you loosen up stiff muscles and joints and reduce lower back pain. The guide is written by David Grisaffi, a...
by Nick Nilsson
(16 votes)
Muscle Explosion is a full workout and nutrition regime that will help you build massive muscles regardless of your constitution and your genetics. Nick Nilsson, the creator of Muscle Explosion, had a very bad genetics himself. So he needed to find...
by Sean Nalewanyj
(5 votes)
The Truth About Building Muscle, a best selling muscle building e-book that was featured in New York Times, was written by Sean Nalewanyj. The author, after suffering from several humiliating experiences on account of his skinny and weak body, has...
by Scott York
(15 votes)
If you operate a fitness boot camp, then you know how important it is to make your campers happy and fit in order to keep them coming back. Key to making them happy while staying fit is to vary the fitness games you have them do. But constantly...
by Mike Geary
(12 votes)
If you've ever skied before, you know that powerful legs make all the difference. Mike Geary's e-book Avalanche Ski Training: Your Guide to Carving Down the Mountain with the Power of an Avalanche will help you tone and build up the legs of...