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Score: 8.9/10 ( 17 votes) is a website that offers computer training online for individuals and companies. Whether you want to become more efficient and improve your job skills, earn certificates or CEU's, or study for certifications, then this website will be beneficial to you.

The courses that offers are interactive. They have 61 technical courses, 63 courses on Microsoft, 35 web design courses, 51 courses to help you improve your office skills, and 34 courses to help you improve your business skills. No matter where you are in the world, you can login from any PC with Internet access and take the course that you want. You can view the course catalog from their website, try free sample courses, and order online.

You can take the courses as many times as you wish and learn anytime, anywhere. You don't need to read books or download and use any software. You will also earn certificates as soon as you complete the course.

You will gain a lot of benefits if you take the courses at You will become more knowledgeable with the latest technology, you can make your resume stronger, you will be prepared so you will pass your certification exam, and others.'s technical courses are $67 each, while the business and office courses are $37 each. They also offer value packs with prices ranging from $97 to $197.

Courses range from $97-$197
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So many interactive courses here!
posted this review on June 3, 2014

Training Center website has a lot of interactive websites that make it easier for me to learn everything I want to know about computers and the Internet. There are hundreds of resources here, and most of them have high-quality. I have already tried 8 of them, and they’re all great so far. Some of my friends have tried other courses from here too, and they all have positive reviews. The best thing about this is that you can take the courses over and over again until you’re sure that you understand them. It’s become so much easier too because of iPads and tablets. I just view the courses on my iPad whenever I have some free time. Another plus point here is that you can actually put the courses you’ve finished in your resume. So if you’re planning to apply for a technical position, Training Center can help a lot. If you’re going for promotion, you can use the courses here too to decorate your resume a bit more. There are so many uses for Training Center that I can think of. There are certification tests here, though, so you have to understand everything if you want to pass. This is no piece of cake, especially if you’re like me who’s not that good at technical stuff.

Topnotch computer and business training courses
posted this review on June 2, 2013

I tried several sample courses from this website before signing up for one of their paid trainings. All I can say is that these courses pass as real courses from training centers. They’re so good! I’ve had basic computer training from a computer school 3 years ago, and I saw the version on this website, and I realized I could have learned everything in the comfort of my home. I’m now taking up their Office Skills training program, which has 41 courses for less than a hundred dollars. And the important thing is that I can do everything at home, no need to rush. I can also go back over and over again to any course I want. This is definitely a very practical choice for me.

The trainings are really good... I really learned
posted this review on May 18, 2013

Formal web design courses are too expensive for me. I’ve always been interested in learning tech stuff, but the money needed for formal training is too much for me. is my savior. If not for this I wouldn’t be able to learn web design. I cannot compare it to classroom learning, as I haven’t tried it yet, but I think they’re pretty much the same. I have already setup my first website, I call it my thesis. It’s a personal photography website as it’s my first love. I think to be known as a photographer, you have to have some knowledge in Photoshop and web design as well. I’m still training in Photoshop, but I think my knowledge in web design is already enough. There are still a lot of trainings I want to take in after I finish my Photoshop training. They also have certification trainings if it’s something you need on your resume.

I'm pretty sure you won't regret checking this out
Jenna Young (from Richmond, USA) posted this review on March 30, 2013 may be a simple website but the training courses here are great! They’re better than others I’ve tried in the past. I’ve checked out several courses from here. Some of those I’ve tried are their Office Skills training and the one for web design. They’re both excellent, and the pricing is reasonable. There are also a lot other training stuff here for companies and individuals that you can check out. I guarantee you won’t regret giving a try.

I like most of the trainings here!
E. Travin (from South Hill, USA) posted this review on March 24, 2013

There are so many training programs in I call it my one stop resource for training materials. I get everything I need from here, so I’ve already gotten used to how they present their trainings. It’s great stuff. I learned a lot from it!

It's a huge training website!
posted this review on January 24, 2013 is really a complete training center for different technical skills that you might need for internet marketing, or taking on tasks on oDesk and other job websites. I am a member of different job websites both free and paid, and the skills I got from help me get many jobs. Actually, there are times when I get more jobs than I can handle because I’ve learned HTML, different programming languages, and a lot other technical skills from this website. The speed of your learning depends on your capacity, but for me, I’m really techie and I love anything related to technology, so I learn pretty fast. The courses here are also clear. They’re a lot clearer than other individual courses I’ve seen so far. I also got a lot of certificates from here which I show to employers. Even if it’s just a simple certificate, most employers feel more at ease working with a person who has evidence to backup claims.

This is so cheap at $37
posted this review on November 8, 2012

I can’t believe there is a website like this. It’s very cheap for the courses inside it. I’d recommend this to those who are just getting started with learning stuff about computers and the Internet because you will really get your full money’s worth. The website will have you covered from the basics to more advanced computer operations and concepts.  I’d say this is the only computer training resource you’d have to spend money for, so you will surely save a lot.

Pro training at a fraction of the price
Martin Docks (from Fort Eustis, USA) posted this review on September 15, 2012

This is so much better than I expected. There are so many training programs and the membership price is just so low. I use the web development courses here while my mom uses those basic ones because she has very little knowledge about computers. The courses in here are not the same ones you find on YouTube. They have higher quality and are explained in more detail than the ordinary ones you see online. When I first tried the course, I realized that they look just like the thousand dollar modules my friend got from a physical training center. The only difference is that the physical training center had a trainer to motivate them and to assess their improvement. I’m not paying a thousand dollars for that. The best thing about this is that it’s got certificates for every course you finish, and you can actually put that in your resume for some added oomph.

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