Trick Photography And Special Effects

by Evan Sharboneau,

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Are you a photography enthusiast? How would you like to learn some secret photographic techniques for taking and creating unique, artistic, awesome, and unbelievable photos?

Evan Sharboneau shares his knowledge and discoveries about creating "mind-twisting" images in Trick Photography And Special Effects. This 190-page e-book explains the secrets, tricks, and techniques of some of the best photographers. It contains step-by-step instructions and over 300 creative photographs created by talented photographers world-wide.

The Trick Photography And Special Effects e-book includes 3 information-packed modules. Module 1 covers everything you need to learn about 'Long Exposure Effects and Light Painting.' This module has over 60 pages, showing the basic universal settings of a camera, light painting techniques with descriptions and examples, the secret "airbrush light" tool, ways to create complex physiogram patterns, how to take fire/spark and lighting photos, ways to create abstract photos, and much more.

In Module 2, you will discover special effects and optical illusion techniques to help you turn a dull picture into a jaw-dropping and dramatic image. Here, you will learn HDR photography, infrared photography, multiple exposures, the Droste effect, time-displacement photography, and others. Finally, in Module 3, you will find Photoshop-oriented projects. You will get easy-to-follow instructions and simple to use tools so you can create images using multiplicity or levitation photography, the Invisible Man technique, and more.

Four special bonus e-books will be yours if you purchase Trick Photography And Special Effects.

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Stepped my photography up a notch...
On-Site Review

This e-book was very helpful and has been giving me a lot of new things to try. I've already created a few light effects shots and the book has given me the confidence to try new techniques and compose new shots where otherwise I might not have thought myself competent enough. It was well worth the cost…The book really stepped my photography up a notch.

Kevin Thomas

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