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Discover the techniques for unleashing your ultimate human potential in Uberman: Almost Super Human by Jason and Skye Mangrum. This information-packed e-book will show you amazing secrets and breakthrough technologies for altering your consciousness and activating the “uber” inside of you, so you can create the life that you want.

Uberman is the result of 10 years of extensive research and experimentation, and after several failures and successes, it is now ready to give you the techniques that can change your life forever. Inside this e-book, you will discover the technique that can turn yourself into an instant “lie detector,” ways to influence other people's strength without touching them, the secret behind the “infinity” symbol, the powerful technique that can remove stress and illness from your body, how to manifest the energy of money, what to do about the bad things that happen in your life, and how to overcome any challenge that comes to you. You will also learn the commands that you can use to influence physical reality, how to master visualization overnight, the consciousness technology behind miracles and how to perform them, how to inspire and motivate other people, the secret of ESP, ways to cure any addiction, how to find your purpose in life, and much more.

With Uberman, you will be equipped with the knowledge and ability to manifest anything you desire in life without ever joining so-called Mystery Schools and Secret Societies. You will have that power so you can be “almost super human.”

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I'm starting to have the life I've always wanted
posted this review on December 27, 2013

I learned so much from Uberman. When I was 2 weeks into the program, I felt a major change in my life. I was very stressed back then because I just started a business and we had a newborn daughter. My relationship with my wife was also strained because of the stress we were both feeling. Uberman helped me pull myself together. I’ve played around with hypnosis and meditation before, but none of them gave me the results I got from Uberman. This is really awesome! It’s like my entire view of reality changed by the 2nd week. I’ve become more positive about life, and my goals have also changed. And then after about a month, I was able to manifest some of my greatest desires. The business started doing really well, and the wife and I had a better relationship. She agreed to resign from her fulltime job to take care of our newborn baby. It was one of my greatest wishes before I got Uberman. Now we’re living a simple life, but it’s a lot happier. I’m still working on manifesting financial wealth. For now, I’m happy just having the kind of family I’ve always wanted and also a business that I really enjoy running.

I've already proven the effectiveness of Uberman
Jimmy Langdon (from Queensland, Australia) posted this review on June 9, 2013

Uberman is useful for improving different aspects of a person’s life. I found out about Uberman through my friend who used to suffer from depression. He  said Uberman helped him recover, making him much better than the person he was before depression.

Uberman works on the subconscious. I don’t have much to compare it to because this is the only subconscious reprogramming system I’ve used, but I can tell that it’s good because of the effects it has on me. I’ve tried a few free subliminal videos and audios before, but Uberman is the only one I really took seriously because I felt some positive effects right away.

Through Uberman, I reprogrammed my subconscious mind for success. I wasn’t that interested in “winning” before because of my fear of losing. I was also a terrible procrastinator. I wasn’t even in the list of the people who are in line for promotion back then. After a few months with Uberman, I became a different person. Work became a lot more acceptable, even enjoyable at times. I got over my fear of losing, so I don’t mind competing anymore. People in the office noticed the change, and my boss openly told me about my improvements. I also feel like a different person inside. I felt like I’ve just been hatched from the egg that was keeping me away from all the opportunities around me.

Based on the effects my friend and I got from Uberman, I can really tell that it’s an effective way to get geared up for success.

This is absolutely mind blowing!
On-Site Review

I am really enjoying the Uberman, taking it slowly and doing the exercises, watching the videos.. I'm only up to page 56. This is absolutely mind blowing! The synchronicity taking place in my life, the enhanced intuition about money, serendipitous knowledge, epiphanies and revelations make it unmistakably clear that Uberman is a priceless gem. I can't wait to see what will happen when I finish the program!"

Jorge Rivas

The power of this book is amazing...
On-Site Review

What can I say Uberman is amazing, ever since it's coming I fell in love with it and it's power it has. I've changed so much in my life due to this book...Every time I sleep it's all lucid dreaming, eight hours of the day I'm sleeping is all "I'm in control dreaming."

I've lived entire lives thanks to lucid dreaming and those lives are growing. Hypnosis is something I've done for about 4 years now and my clientele has tripled since reading Uberman, the changes have been amazing.

I get random people offering my services now and I'm changing their lives for the better. The power of this book is amazing that I now can use my hypnosis to help anyone manifest anything they want in their life, this book acted as my amplifier to hypnosis and now I can say my spirit will truly live forever. In the end this book was amazing and worth every cent and I hope you will embrace the power of this book as well.

"HypnoIcon" Tony Nuss

It's a true masterpiece!
On-Site Review

Congratulations to Jason and his wife Skye for writing Uberman. It's a true masterpiece! It doesn't reinvent the wheel and it doesn't have to... However, this book offers solid functional wheels well oiled. A must read for anyone who wants to tap into their true potential.

Michel DeVos

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