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by Suze and Ev
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From freelance cleaning to a full-blown biz

I was a lowly housecleaner when I started out. I was earning from it, so I didn’t think about the job being so un-glam. When I found out about Suze & Ev Method, and how they can help me turn my freelance cleaning gigs to a full-blown cleaning business, I jumped at that chance. I’d say their guides are amazing! I got the bundle from the duo, and it’s excellent. From the housecleaning gigs I used to have, I’ve grown my business into an office cleaning one as well, and that’s where big money comes from. I can work a single day a week, and still enjoy a lot of money. Suze and Ev’s tips on how to win biddings are great. When it comes to big cleaning projects, you usually have to bid, and this is how I win those biddings. The book is also well-written, and the tips very easy to follow.