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by Brad Callen
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The only article submitter I trust!

This simple tool has more uses for me than those new ones with complicated features. No doubt it stood the test of time. Although there are a lot of Internet marketing tools you’ll find everywhere, it’s difficult to see one that does what it says it would do. This is one of those few tools. I’ve tried other article submitters before especially some that promise unique new features, but I just keep coming back to this one as I find it the easiest to use and the most effective. You’ll really see the difference in your rankings if you use this. Probably because the article directories included in the software are of high quality. I’ve also learned to trust this tool over the years. You know how those low quality article sites can get your pages penalized, right? With this one, I never had problems through all of those years of submitting articles. It’s one of my business partners in my online business, and I think it will take a longer time for another article submitter software to take its place.