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by Susan Anderson
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My lifesaver during my demo teaching

This website saved me during my demo teaching. I was invited to demo for a team of veteran teachers. I waited almost 3 months to get that chance, so I really panicked. They told me about the demo only 2 nights before it was set. Apparently, they intended to invite someone else, but she cancelled a week before the scheduled demo, so they chose me instead. I was just the 2nd choice, so I was really nervous. I felt like there would be some sort of idea in them that I wouldn’t be that good because I was just the 2nd choice. I knew that I had to do something that will really impress them. Good enough just wouldn’t work. My friend recommended English Unit to me. She’d started teaching a year earlier, and she said most of her unit plans come from this website. English Unit is really packed with so much info. Each plan is complete with notes, discussions, and exercises for students. It’s really got everything that teachers need for effective literature lessons. I was overjoyed when I viewed my unit plan for Romeo and Juliet. I got the job, so I think I can confidently say that I impressed the other teachers during the demo. English Unit is my life saver! I’m now promoting this to other teachers too and those who are about to demo. With a few tweaks here and there for personalization, these unit plans can be perfect materials.