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Almost a dating expert now

This is a good course, but don’t expect it to magically get you any woman you desire. There are some women this will work for. Sadly, the love of my life is not that kind of woman. However, I get dates from this every now and then. When I spot a hot chick in the bar, I use the techniques here and almost 80% of the time, I get the chick home. It all depends on practice too. You can’t just read the book and expect it to magically work, you need to practice your skills too. It’s the only way you can really snag women. I don’t have good looks so even before I knew that I have to rely on other things. I also don’t have a nice car. I drive a really simple one that’s just enough for getting around. HypnoDate gave me something only a few men know of and understand – the way women think. This gave me so much control over women. I can now get women for short-term dating, or for long-term relationships if I want to. But for now, I’m just into the flirting thing. And it’s great because it’s like they can’t forget you and they’re willing to hang around for as long as you want them to. Even my friends wonder how I get women to like me that much. If not for Hypnodate, I’d probably still be a loser when it comes to women.