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by Steve Lindhorst
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The selling strategies are really awesome

I’ve an eBay store, but competition there is really tough, so I wanted to expand my business to other websites as well. I once considered setting up my own website, but that would be too expensive and too much of a hard work. Selling On The River gave me just what I was looking for. I’ve heard and read a lot about selling on Amazon, but I didn’t have the courage to get started because I didn’t know anything about it. I’m not that techie, and learning my way around a new website is a challenge for me. Selling On The River taught me everything I needed to know about Amazon. A few months ago, I finally mustered the courage to expand my business to this website, and it’s doing great now! It’s really unbelievable how much more sales I get since I moved to this new website. All the strategies in this book have been useful for me. My Amazon site is now selling almost as much as my eBay site does. I’ve already hired my sister as an assistant to take care of the eBay business while I grow my Amazon business. it’s really awesome!