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by Danie Wium
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Our backyard has never been this lovely

Who would have thought I could turn my little backyard into a little lovely vineyard complete with a pergola? I just did and most of the methods I learned from My Grape Vine: The Complete Grape Growers Guide. Upon retirement, my husband and I played with our backyard planting different crops. We started a cinder block garden, and then dropped the idea because it wasn’t that fun, and it made our backyard ugly. We wanted something that has the feel of a rest house, and that’s what we got when we started our own little backyard vineyard. This book taught us the right kind of grape to plant for our climate and for our kind of soil, and it also taught us how to take good care of our plants. The grandchildren love coming over to see our plants and to taste our produce. I would have included a photo of my little priceless backyard vineyard to give you an idea but this website won’t allow me. You just have to see for yourself.