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by Hanan
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My dry skin has become smoother and less flaky

My mom is into organic farming so I get a lot of fruits and veggies all the time. The Beauty of Food helped me put them to good use. When I’m not eating them, I’m following the tips here, and applying them to my face. They seem effective. The effects are not overnight, but you will notice the changes in a few days. I used to have really really dry skin on my face that it’s too difficult to apply makeup, but now it’s become less flaky, and my makeup glides on more smoothly. It’s still far from flawless, but it’s a lot better than before, and it should be the method here because it’s the only one I added to my beauty regimen. Other people have also noticed that I seem to be “glowing” now! It really must be the topical fruit and veggie stuff I picked up from here. Plus, I eat a lot more fruits and veggies now. I highly recommend this book if you have any skin problems. This is the safest you can go.