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by Debra Elkin
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I saw significant changes in a month

I suddenly ballooned to 230 lbs. last December, and I didn’t know why. I’ve been a chubby girl all my life, but never really overly fat or obese. My mom said it could be because of my overeating during the holidays, but I know something was extremely wrong with my body. For one, I started feeling different all over. I was always sluggish, and I was always in a bad mood too. I decided to visit the doctor after a month of being in that terrible state, and I was diagnosed with a fatty liver. He said I’ve had it for a long time but now the problem has aggravated. I turned down all suggestions to cure it the traditional way because I prefer natural treatment. My doctor mentioned that the problem might have stemmed from an unhealthy lifestyle, so I figured that a healthy lifestyle should be enough to reverse it. For so long, I tried exercising and eating right, but that didn’t work for me.

After three months of struggling, I found this book. This changed everything for me. I followed everything in it, and surprisingly, I saw results in just a month. I’m steadily losing weight now, and although I’m not that thin yet, I’m already feeling more energetic and I’m not that moody anymore. I go to the gym every other day and I make sure I eat right too. I’m now starting a blog about fatty liver and weight loss, and I’ll be sure to mention this book there once it’s ready.