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by Nancy Wasson
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It helps you fall in love with each other over and over again

My husband and I have been in love for 13 years, but that doesn’t mean I can be complacent about our relationship. I know some couples who break up after so many years of being happy together, simply because they thought they’d never break up anymore. This book has provided me a deeper understanding of how relationships work ,and how men think and feel. We may have been together for that long, but he has needs he doesn’t even know about, and this book tells me exactly what they are. I tried some of the conflict resolution techniques here when I argued with my husband about my work, and they worked wonders. We got to talk about the real cause of the problem and we found solutions that made both of us happy. I also told him that I’ve been reading a relationship book to ensure that our relationship runs smoothly and he said he’s really happy to have me for his wife.