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by John Socratous
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For a more sculpted face and firmer skin

I used the techniques in Face Fitness Formula to firm up my face after losing weight. I lost a lot of weight because I crash dieted. I looked like an old lady and my facial skin was so loose. I couldn’t even wear makeup because it goes uneven on my skin. It’s really like getting a facelift without surgery. The facial exercises are very easy and you only need to them for a few minutes everyday.  The results are amazing! My face looks better now than it used to before I turned fat. My face is more sculpted and my skin has become a lot tighter. I am still doing the exercises because I’m aiming for more defined cheekbones. This is highly recommended for everyone who lost weight rapidly and for those who have some excess facial fat they want to remove. It can also help tighten skin if you’re already seeing some signs of aging on your forehead and temples and the sides og your mouth.