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by Mike Williamson
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This is my fountain of youth

At 53, I’m still interested in finding the fountain of youth. I eat healthy and exercise regularly. I also make sure that I keep my mind active by joining book clubs and other thinkers’ organizations. But wellness isn’t just about the mind and the body. You need to go deeper within yourself and your spirituality if you truly want to “build” the fountain of youth inside you. Five Rituals taught me that just like happiness wellness cannot be found, rather it is created. It’s something that you actively work on. The benefits are great! I’ve changed so much since I’ve found The Five Rituals. I feel like a different person now, overflowing with positivity, love for others love for nature, inner peace, and a lot more. My friends always tell me that I look so pleasant, like I don’t have any problems at all. I’m confident that Five Rituals helped me a lot in achieving this.