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by Jamie Sullivan
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Helped us manage our child better

My 10-year old son has a horrible temper. It usually causes chaos around the house because he lashes out at everyone for the smallest things. He also uses his anger to get what he wants from me and his dad. It’s like he gets special treatment from everyone in the family just so we can keep him from throwing nasty tantrums every chance he gets. Sometimes he’d even destroy things in the house. My husband and I decided to just let it pass until he gets older, and if it doesn’t change that’s the time we’re gonna take action. The problem was that his teacher called our attention one day to tell us about how he interacts with the kids in school. We found out that he barely had friends and that he shouts at classmates and all that. While researching, my husband downloaded this, and it did shed a lot of light on my son’s condition. We decided to take the methods listed in this book, and they worked for my son. Not instantly, it was more of a gradual change, and we also had to make some changes to our parenting style to help him. If you have child with the same problems I really suggest getting this. It will surely make a lot of positive changes to your family.