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The most effective way to be an alpha male!

Well, I’ve realized now that women think the same in so many ways. They think the same way about men, about relationships, and so many other things. They have minor differences, but they’re basically the same and if you know the formula for making one girl fall, you will also be able to make a lot other girls fall. I’m not just talking bout sex here. Goes the same if you want a more serious relationship, or if you want to play mind games with them. If you can like hypnotize them into thinking you’re worth the time and the trouble, then you’ll get them to follow your lead whatever you want to do with them or wherever you want the relationship to go. I enjoy having a lot of women to date and flirt with no. I enjoy using these methods, and perfecting them. Someday, I might need them for a serious relationship, but for now I’m happy just being the man every girl wants to be with. My friends keep asking me what the secret is, but I intend to keep it a secret. I don’t want competition. I plan to hold on to being the “alpha male” of the pack for as long as I can. Yeah, it’s true that when you’re popular with women, guys around you treat you with more respect too.