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by Brad Callen
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Still better than newer software

There are already a lot of copycat article submitter software out in the market, and some of them have additional features too. But what I like most about Article Submitter Platinum is that the article directories included here are of high quality. They’re not link farms, and they’re not gonna get your website in trouble. There are also a lot. It’s more than 600, so you can get 600 new links for your website with every article you come up with. You can submit everything manually, or opt for the automatic submission process, but it’s got limited features. I hope they can come up with a way to make fully automated submissions no matter how many articles you need to submit. The software is easy to use. If you’re already familiar with other internet tools, I’m sure you will learn this really easily. Or even if you’re not that familiar with using tools. An hour or two of using this software will teach you everything you need to know about it.

I recommend Article Submitter Platinum more than others I’ve tried because it’s simple, it’s got high quality article directories, and it’s got more customization features than other article submitters on the internet.