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by Dr. Mike Thompson
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Easy, logical, and holistic ways to prevent cancer

This book is very informational and it’s professionally-written too. Honestly, it’s not something I expected from a $47 book. It has a different look at cancer and a different approach to prevention and cure. I don’t think this is meant for cancer cure, it’s more of a prevention book, but the methods here can quite possibly cure cancer. We have cancer in our blood, and a few relative died from it so I’m safeguarding my family against it as early as now. I make sure to give them their nutritional needs based on this book and to keep their bodies healthy in general. It’s not that difficult. The lifestyle and nutrition changes suggested by the book are easy to follow and logical. This isn’t quack medicine. It’s based on natural science, and a lot of holistic practitioners have approved this way of preventing and battling cancer.