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by Audrey Casey
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Currently my only survey site

Ok, so here’s my story for those of you who are interested:

I first got into survey-taking back in 2005. I was a member of a website similar to this back then. The first few months, the money was good. It wasn’t shockingly good, but I was earning good enough to continue my membership. But after a few months, I started getting fewer surveys, until they just stopped coming. I had a tough time getting the payments cancelled. It was such a bother!

I looked for a similar website allover the internet, but couldn’t find anything that was worth paying for. I briefly tried other ways to make money from the internet, like translating and transcription, but survey-taking is really the easiest way to make money online.

I found Top Paying Surveys almost 2 years ago, and since then, I’ve been earning really really good money from the surveys here. After trying about 20 websites, I finally found something that’s really worth using. I also get some mystery shopping and FGD projects from here. The money is really good, and I have fun at work. I’m not planning to work fulltime now as I initially planned after my little girl started schooling. I’m sticking to this easy and fun way to make money!